How to Purchase an Antique Engagement Ring?

How to Purchase an Antique Engagement Ring?

There are a number of great reasons to think about buying an antique designer engagement ring. There is no question that jewelers today strive to offer consumers unique and modern selections, but many brides prefer the charm and elegance that is only offered by an antique. Another common reason that many people opt for an antique ring is that they offer a much higher quality diamond at a price that is lower than what they would pay for a new ring.

However, before you purchase any ring, there are certain questions that you need to consider.


Are you familiar with the four C’s? This is what determines the actual value of a diamond:

  • Clarity: This is the number and how visible flaws in a diamond are.
  • Carat: This is the total weight of the diamond you are considering purchasing.
  • Color: This is something that will be determined by your particular tastes.
  • Cut: Another factor determined by your taste. Princess cut antique engagement ring is one of the most popular. 

Difference Between Estate Ring and an Antique Ring

An estate ring is one that is less than 50 years old, while an antique ring is one that is over 50 years old. Antique rings tend to be much more expensive as they keep years of history but also convey the unique style of the era they have been created in. There are a number of eras that offer antique engagement rings, which include:

The Victorian Era

These types of rings typically pearls or diamonds that are set in rose or yellow gold. They range from intricate details to simple elegance and many people choose rose gold antique engagement rings. Pear shaped antique engagement ring is also a popular option.

The Edwardian Era

After the oxyacetylene torch was invented, the preferred metal for this period was platinum. Wedding bands from this era typically have pierced or lacy shapes, scrollwork, filigree detail and migrating.

The Art Deco Era

These rings feature a geometric and streamlined appearance. They also typically reflect styles from Native American, Asian and Egyptian cultures.

Where to Buy Antique Engagement Ring?

These types of engagement rings are able to be found in a number of different retail environments including vendors, auctions, pawn shops, estate sales, and antique stores. If you decide to purchase this type of ring, you should do so carefully and ensure that the ring you purchase comes with a full written description. Also, pay particular attention to choosing the antique engagement ring settings. You may also want to ask if it comes with any reports from certified gemologists, which ensures the jewelry that you have decided to purchase is actually what you are receiving.

Taking the time to find the right wedding ring supplier, like Crown Ring, will make things easier for a buyer. A professional will be able to guide a buyer into making the right purchase.

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