Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings

September birthstone is sapphire and if you are planning to propose in the upcoming month it can be the best option for your engagement ring. You may be wondering why we are saying you should go for a sapphire engagement ring for your proposal. Here is the reason one, this gem extraordinarily beautiful two as your relation is being born in this month the birthstone of this month will bring good luck. So let’s learn why sapphire jewelry is so popular and what is the best natural sapphire company.

Qualities of Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires have other qualities that make it a popular choice for engagement rings like they are seen as a symbol of loyalty and commitment. Practically also they are a good option because they are more durable and can be worn on a day to day basis without any fear of damage.

Though these days many couples are opting for sapphire wedding rings as Sapphires can be an interesting alternative to diamonds. What is even more interesting is that these gems come in almost each color we see in a rainbow, if there are intense blues there are also some delicate pinks.

Price of Sapphire Engagement Ring

One most important reason for the popularity of this gem is that they are relatively less expensive. So, if you want a beautiful sapphire stone but are a little short on budget, it may be interesting to note that you can buy a comparatively larger sapphire than a diamond for the same budget .

Choosing Engagement Ring with Sapphire Gem

Now when it comes to buying a sapphire ring we have to consider some important aspects like the color, size and shape, you may be thinking that there can be some standards like 4C’s in diamond but sadly there are no standardized scales for the various factors involved in the evaluation of a gemstone like sapphire. So, it is basically ruled by the general preferences like deep and rich blue colored sapphires enjoy a better value as they are more preferred by the people.


General perception is that the higher and uniform saturation of the color commands a better value. So if the sapphires are lighter and less saturated they may be comparatively cheaper but if you like it you should buy it as personal choice is most important. The gems come in various colors, you can choose among white sapphire engagement rings, green sapphire, yellow sapphire and blue sapphire ring. But one thing that we all have to check before buying a sapphire is that it should not have any inclusions, or tiny imperfections. But mostly sapphires have inclusions so make sure that they should not be visible to the eye.


Sapphire is available in many shapes and sizes however, some of the most popular shapes for this gem are round, cushion and oval. Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton opted for a sapphire engagement ring which was previously worn by Princess Diana. This remarkable ring has a large, beautiful oval sapphire.

Diamond Accents or Engraving Details

Another common feature of Sapphire engagement rings is that they have diamond accents or engraving details. This is done to give an added complexity and contrast. If you are not so keen on a halo ring with diamond accents you can go for the three stone sapphire and diamond engagement rings. Here the center sapphire has diamond on either side, a popular choice.

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