Opal Engagement Ring

Opal Engagement Ring

If you want something unique for your engagement ring, Opal can be the gem for you. This beautiful stone has many centuries-old tales of magic and mystery. His gem is truly unique because of its characteristic appearance and vibrant colors. The ‘Play of Color” is a beautiful feature to see as the gem changes color and flashes beautifully as you turn the gem in your hand.

What Is Opal?

What makes it more unique is the fact that no two opals are exactly the same. As for the name the word ‘opal’ comes from the Greek word opallos. This word opallos means to see changes of color an identifying characteristic of this gem. Another theory of the name has it that the Romans have based their name opalus inspired by the Sanskrit word for the precious stone, upala. Antique opal engagement rings and vintage opal engagement rings are in high demand because of their characteristics which we would discuss in this article.

How Opal was Formed?

Coming to the classification Opal is a precious gemstone and a formation of non-crystalline silica gel. According to experts, the Opal gemstone was formed millions of years ago, silica gel trickled into cracks in sedimentary layers of the earth. After years of natural heating and molding processes, this Silica gel hardened to take the form of brilliant opal.

If you get to hold a precious opal, you will be amazed by the flashes of rainbow-like colors changing with the angle of viewing. Experts say that these colors are created by an arrangement of silica spheres within the opal. In fact, common opal does not have a flash of color.

Colors of Opals

Opals usually have varying body color and can be either translucent or transparent. However, in the jewelry, we generally see opal gems that have a milky-white base with varying flashes of color. The other popular color of Opals is black but it is one of the most rare and expensive opals. Usually, all opals that have a body-color that ranges between dark grey and black opal ring, and has fiery flashes of color are valuable.

Precious fire opal rings are another choice, and here the base colors of the Opal gem range from yellow to orange. Fire opals can be transparent to translucent, with fiery flashes. So fire opal engagement rings are also very beautiful. 

Which Color is the Best?

It is a matter of personal choice every gemstone has its own beauty and it depends on the wearer which color appeals to them the most. The most interesting thing for anyone when choosing this gem is that no two stones are the same, making your engagement ring really unique and special. Just imagine how beautiful opal promise rings look like.

Opal Hardness

Hardness and durability of the opal gem have a significant impact on its usability. Here we have to mention that opal does not rank high on the hardness scale and the hardness of the stone ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.Which is considerably less as against diamond, which is rated at 10, and is the hardest gemstone. So, the care of the Opal gem is really important.

How to Care for Opal Engagement Rings?

Avoid harsh cleansers for cleaning opals and never place opals in ultrasonic cleaners. Also never rub oil on an opal. Rubbing oil may make it shine brighter but it can cause damage. According to some jewelers, it is better to soak opals in the water at regular intervals to help them reabsorb lost moisture.

Opal Meaning

There are several misconceptions about the gemstone opal one of them is that it brings bad luck. But believe us buying an opal engagement ring for your better half will only bring a smile of joy on her face. A very common superstition about real opal gemstones is that it brings bad luck to purchase an opal for oneself, but good luck if it is a gift from someone.

These beliefs about this beautiful gem have been prevalent throughout history. But some experts believe that such myths were perpetuated by diamond dealers in the 18th and 19th centuries because they feared that this gemstone I’ll steal away diamond customers. Though after huge amounts of opals were found in Australia efforts are going on to change the perception of the customers regarding this gem.

We would recommend opal engagement rings for their rainbow hues, making opals some of the prettiest stones around. The real exciting feature of this stone is its ‘play of color’ or that beautiful display of rainbow shades on this gem.

Science Behind Opal

For all those who are interested to know what makes this gem unique here is the science behind this gem. Opals are in fact amorphous “lumps” or “balls” of mineral silica or in other words, it is a non-crystalline form of silica.

So, if we want to know how it gets formed it is water carrying dissolved silica seeps through sand and dirt, and then eventually the silica particles are deposited in cracks. When the water evaporates, the silica particles cement together to form the opal.

As for this ‘play of color,’ the identifying feature of this gem is caused by the diffraction of light. Now each opal stone has small spheres of silica, most of them are of similar arrangement and size. When the light gets reflected from these spheres it gets divided into spectral colors, and the stone appears to contain all the colors of the rainbow. But if these spheres are very large and not of uniform size and arrangement of the colors become more limited.


Though we are all impressed by the beautiful and colorful display of these opals it has its share of shortcomings. One major flaw is that unlike diamonds, opals are a much softer stone. If we compare the two stones on Mohs scale of hardness, in comparison to diamond which is considered to be a 10 on this scale, the opal rates between a 5 and a 6.

This shows opal jewelry has to be handled with care as it can break more easily and you must be careful to treat it with care and look for a ring setting that best preserves its integrity. We would suggest a semi-bezel setting can be a good choice.


Now if you have made your mind that you want an opal ring for your wedding you will be overwhelmed by the impressive color range. These opals are available in a variety of colors including white, pink, green and blue opal rings, grey, or black. Among the many types of opals available these days Australian boulder opals are considered a more durable variety with more robust color display. Making these types of opal most valuable. If we look at the various colors Black opals are most rare and so highly expensive.

Thus if you want to surprise your beloved with a fancy gift, consider choosing a black opal engagement rings. Also, choose the metal of the engagement ring, we recommend choosing among rose gold opal engagement rings, gold opal engagement rings, and opal and diamond engagement rings that come in beautiful settings in opal band.

Depending on your budget and personal choice you can pick out the opal engagement ring for you. If you find this article helpful please share your comments.

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