How to Resize an Engagement Ring

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The proposal is an exciting and responsible stage in any couple’s relationships. Purchasing a ring is not only a matter of taste and finance but also you need to know what ring size your beloved wears. You’re a lucky one if you exactly remember her ring size. If no, you can pay a jeweler to get a ring resized or learn to do some manipulations on your own. This article will be extremely helpful no matter what way of resizing you prefer.

What Types of Rings Can Be Resized?

If your girlfriend is not going to be surprised with a proposal, you can make the task easier and take her out for the engagement ring shopping. However, the majority of potential grooms prefer keeping it in secret and rely on their intuition and good luck while choosing the ring size. So if a ring you’ve bought for your bride is too tight or too loose, you can always resize it. 

As usual, ring resizing isn’t a complicated process and can be done by any jeweler. But nevertheless, not any ring can be resized and you should understand that to avoid spending money on nothing. If you firmly decided on purchasing the following bands, make sure you know the exact ring size of your bride.

Rings with Gems Can’t Be Resized

Rings that are lavishly adorned with gems, as usual, can’t be resized. Eternity rings, for example, are impossible to resize because it doesn’t contain enough free metal that a jeweler can work with. Rose gold engagement bands are also tough to adjust. Not all jewelers will agree to work with rose gold as this is a fragile metal that can easily crack in case of any manipulation. Tungsten rings can’t be resized at the material per se is extremely hard.

Tension Bands Are Risky to Resize

Tension bands are one more type that is risky to resize. Consider it while making such a valuable purchase. Furthermore, keep in mind that resizing engagement rings is only possible if it’s 2 sizes bigger or smaller. 

How to Resize the Ring?

Engagement ring resizing isn’t a complicated process for a professional jeweler. He can do it without reducing the ring’s value. To enlarge a band a jeweler adds the extra metal to the bottom of the ring and vice versa to size it down a jeweler will cut spare metal from the ring and then just solder the parts and clean the band from any oxidation. However, ring adjustment can also be completed on your own, you can find the extensive guide on how to do that at the end of the article. So keep reading!

Where to Resize an Engagement Ring?

After we made a question can engagement rings be resized clearly, it’s essential to point out where to resize a ring. Of course, the most obvious way to make a ring fit is to find a local jeweler who will do that within a few minutes or hours.

Can I find a ring resizing near me? Country’s famous resize master has locations all over the US and claims to offer free shipping from Alaska to Hawaii.

However, most jewelry stores offer a free resizing warranty. The Blue Nile resize, for example, is free up to 30 days from the moment of purchase.

James Allen’s resizing policy is even more pleasant. Getting a ring sized by the company for the first time is available free of charge within 1 year since the acquisition, they also offer free shipping and handling. If you ask them to resize a ring for the second time, they will demand a small fee from the customer. But nevertheless, we strongly recommend against multiple band resizing as it can seriously damage the band and so make it impossible to wear. Fancy boutiques like Tiffany & Co also offer a complimentary proposal band resizing for all their customers. You can consult their jeweler in one of the local stores or use the complimentary shipping for getting a ring resized. 

In addition, we’d advise you on asking your friends who have had their rings resized and can recommend a reputable jeweler that knows his craft.

How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring?

Normally, the resize ring price ranges from $20 to a few hundreds of dollars. With so many factors that determine the cost of ring enlargement or compression, you can’t know for sure how much it would cost to make the engagement ring perfectly fit. First of all, the price depends on whether you need to make a ring larger or smaller. A ring enlargement would cost more as a jeweler needs to add some extra metal to the ring. Of course, some customers want just to have a ring stretched in order to save money, even though after the procedure the item may be hopelessly spoiled. 

Secondly, the value of the resize directly depends on the type of the metal. Silver and yellow gold items are the cheapest to resize. Rose gold is dangerous to resize as it can easily get cracked while the resizing. Besides, rose gold may have different shades, some are redder and some have more yellow shade. Hence, it’s hard for a jeweler to pick the right tone. White gold needs a reapplication of rhodium plating after the procedure. The most capricious metals to work with are platinum and titanium. They need a special toolset to work with which makes the adjustment of these rings extremely labor-consuming.

One more factor that defines the cost of resizing rings is how thick the item is. Consequently, the thicker your band is, the more extra material a jeweler has to use to enlarge it. A simple formula that doesn’t need explanations.

Next, the number of stones is relevant. The more diamonds or gemstones are there on a ring, the more expensive it would be to resize the ring smaller or bigger. The stones will need to be reset due to the alteration in curvature which adds to the tenacity of the work.

How Long Does It Take?

How long does it take to get a ring resized is the most frequently asked question among the customers. Of course, the majority of clients want to have their rings resized as soon as possible but the rings adjustment process has the pitfalls that need to be overcome to present you the perfectly-looking band without the slightest evidence of interruption. A yellow gold solitaire ring can normally be resized in a few minutes or hours depending on the employment of the jeweler.

Rings like the diamond solitaire are easy to resize, they’re thin enough, have lots of free metal to work with and so a jeweler doesn’t need that much time to make it for you. Bands of sophisticated shape or generously decorated with stones need more time. They’re harder to solder and polish, which all results in a more time-consuming process. Some jewelry companies like Quick Jewelry Repairs guarantee the quicker resize process if compared to traditional retailers.

1-2 Business Days on Average

The resizing period for the 90 percent of rings is 1-2 business days and the total estimated amount of time including estimating, shipping, and resizing is 1 week. 

What about local jewelers, you can have a ring done even on the same day. Chain jewelers usually need to send the pieces of jewelry to get them resized that might take from 7 to 10 working days.

How Do They Make It Bigger?

Even though the ring resizing is quite a common process, not many people comprehend how it’s being done. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t take much to understand the mechanism of how they resize rings in order to make it bigger. In general, this is a less intricate process than sizing the ring down, a  jeweler can even manage it for 20 minutes. First, you need to define the needed size and then go out for a cup of fresh coffee to bind the time until you get a ring that fits you perfectly. 

During this time, a jeweler cuts the ring on the bottom, then adds the additional material and solders the halves together or uses the laser. However, if the ring is adorned with diamonds or other gemstones it usually takes much time for a jeweler to enlarge the band. After that, a master cleans and polishes the ring to restore its previous look by removing antioxidants that may result from soldering. Anyway, in the end, you get a ring that looks no worse than right after the store if not only the jeweler decides on stretching the ring. In this case, the results of the manipulation are impossible to predict.

How Do They Make It Smaller?

If the engagement ring is too big for your bride’s thin finger, you can always make it lower by turning to a professional. Just like the ring’s upsizing, narrowing the band has also some subtleties which can’t be neglected. Although downsizing the ring is a bit easier task, a master still needs to be careful not to damage the item. To downsize the engagement ring, a jeweler first cuts a small piece of a band and then solders the parts together. Again, depending on the ring thickness, the metal type, and the number of gemstones the work can be more or less time and effort-consuming. After the manipulations, the ring’s surface is also accurately polished and smoothed.

Tips on How You Can Adjust the Size at Home 

The proper fit of the ring is essential. How to realize if a ring fits or not? Most important, it should not slide from your bride’s finger and should not be too tight. An engagement band is what your partner is going to wear for an everyday basis and so she should feel comfortable having it. So if you purchased a ring but miscalculated with the size, you can always have it resized in a local jewelry store or use a warranty provided by your retailer. However, what should you do if there’s no jewelry store around or you need to have it resized here and now? Here are a few tips on how to resize a ring at home. Attention! We recommend using home methods only in case of emergency and with no expensive materials.

Use a Mandrel and a Mallet

The mandrel is a special metal cone used to size the rings. Getting it is not hard, you can look for it in local stores or search on Amazon. An affordable and thus helpful item is essential for resizing a ring at home. 

Step One

Make a special solution of dishwashing liquid or soap and lubricate your ring with it. Make sure a band is uniformly coated.

Step Two

Slide a ring onto a mandrel and strike it with a mallet or a special jeweler hammer at an angle like trying to move it down the mandrel until it obtains a needed size. Your strikes need to be accurate and delicate, don’t use the method if you’re in haste not to damage the setting of the ring.

Step Three

Put it out and try it on. If the ring is still tight, continue the procedure. If it now fits properly, congratulations, you’ve mastered it. Remember that you only enlarge a ring with this method for only a half a size.

Resize a Ring with Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are an economical method to make the ring smaller. You only need small metal balls called sizing beads to downsize the ring causing no harm to the setting. Just take the beads and put them on the back of your band. These tiny balls will prevent the ring from sliding and thus you have no need for applying to the professional jeweler. The only serious disadvantage is that the method is that the beans can be extremely uncomfortable to wear.

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