How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

how to buy an engagement ring online

If you are ready to pop the awaited question to your girl, do you realize that the ring you choose must be the one that will make her go ga-ga, forever? Read the article to learn how to buy an engagement ring online and where to buy diamonds online. 

One of the most common mistakes that grooms make is in hastily grabbing an engagement ring of their likes, with no consultation with their fiancé. Here are some tips for making it right.

Tips on Choosing Engagement Ring

Take Her to the Jewelry Store

Take your fiancé out for a cozy walk by a jewelry store and see what she glances at. Gradually, start enquiring about her tastes on ornaments as such. While strolling around the shop, tactically include questions about the type of engagement rings in the trend.

Talk to Her Best Friend

Converse to the next person your girl places the best in the world- Her BFF! Talk with her best friend to get a better understanding of your fiancé’s favorite engagement rings. Use her best friend to collect as much data as you can on your fiancé, akin to an intelligence agency!

Know Her Preferences

Now, time to design a special ‘description list’, containing all the intelligence data you collected for selecting the fitting engagement ring for your ladylove. Don’t forget to get her ring size! An example of the perfect description list is Rose Gold, 14K, Halo diamond, size 4, vintage setting.

How to Choose Engagement Ring Online

Now that you have all the ideas and information on the perfect engagement ring for your dream girl, brace your arms and start Googling for the perfect shop for your special engagement ring. With Google showing you zillions of jewelry stores, your head might start spinning with dilemmas. Moreover, you wonder, how do you trust any virtual page on your screen to give you a genuine diamond ring of your dreams? Will you land in a scam on your wedding? Conversely, will the shipment be delivered before your engagement? Will the ring look as promised? Will it fit your ladylove? Besides, due to any unfortunate reasons (heavens forbid) let alone she dislikes the ring, can you effortlessly return and replace it with another unique stone?

Research Popular Online Stores

The first step to start ideal buying a diamond online research is to take a look at the variety of diamonds and the diverse selection alternatives as well as sizes available. Secondly, but not the least in priority, take a look at the policies, terms, and conditions of the online Shoppe. Don’t just blindly feast on their highlights, but make sure to register their ideas in your head to settle for a day or as long as you need. Next, examine the shipment options with respect to your requirements – Could the delivery be at your doorstep while you are busy at the office? Alternatively, could it be forwarded to your fiancé’s address, accidentally? Will the shipment be delivered aptly before the engagement? Have you considered all options of insurance, refunds, replacements and guarantee certificates on your ring? Make sure to answer those questions before you buy engagement ring online.

The next step of buying engagement ring online is to surf the search engine to compare and check prices, customer service rate, ratings, quality quotients and contact info that are genuine, rather than just an unsourced forward to a call center or machine!

Lastly but most importantly, before checkout, ensure that the website has a web-secure connection that is genuine (not fishy in any form), certified and trustworthy, to avoid poplar skimming and other credit card or PayPal scams.

Read Reviews

If you want to buy a designer ring or engagement ring for a loved one, please visit the following sites, here’s the list of the brands you should definitely consider:

  • Blue Nile
  • James Allen
  • Tifani
  • Brilliant Earth

Another effortless yet fruitful research is to crosscheck what you understand with professional quality reviews from verified customers that are genuine and fail-proof, akin to the substantial reviews on online stores, genuine reviews are plenty online. Keep reading to know everything about buying ring online. Some appear as comments on forums while others appear on niche review websites, which provide information on everything you need to know about the quality and customer support ensured with the engagement ring order.

Most review websites encourage customers to provide detailed information on the complete experience with the product to help others determine trustworthy shops. Another smart way is to filter all reviews you find Pros and Cons to complete to your buy diamond ring online guide. Recommended sites who contain honest reviews are Diamonds Pro which is one of the most successful sites who review the Engagement rings industry.

Another one, fresh site is Diamonds Peace Army which writes unique reviews on those diamond stores, the big difference is that he writes the truth and the truth can hurt. Make sure to read those reviews to know how to buy diamond online. For example, Whiteflash which is a successful online Engagement store he decided to mention some of the complaints he found on the net on Whiteflash which is quite rare to find a blogger who writes the truth on this growing industry.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

If you are a United States citizen, BBB is the best for you to learn the status and process in detail of the complaints registered legally by verified customers. Make sure to check it before you decide where to buy engagement rings online.

Scams and Complaints

Although the best way to buy an engagement ring is to do this online, online scams are endless and it is confusing to determine a scammer as they are superbly brilliant about their disguise! Scammers often put up fake websites with genuine-looking photos of products and prices. If you order with them, the products never arrive and the website soon vanished with no trace and you are left with no recourse on getting your money back. Moreover, engagement ring frauds being an expensive deal each time can swindle you into irreparable debts!

Nevertheless, the good news is that most websites that offer reviews also provide a detailed report on the complaints voiced online by verified customers for a final verdict on whether the company is a scam or boon. Scams and complaints relevant to Zoara can be found only if one analyzes the truth based on the verified reviews and their rate of trust to infer if the company is scamming or not.

As for Complaints, pay attention to the unusual policies of the ads that say Create Your Own engagement ring. The truth is, scams can be identified by looking out for the refund and replacement options of the Shoppe. The policies will be fishy like that of James Allen that we have recently discovered. Our verdict on engagement ring buying guide is: Keep Calm and remember that there is a 99% chance that you will dig up the ideal ring of your dreams. However, you must first learn as much as you can about your preferred online website to be armed with genuine knowledge to not turn into a victim!

Choose a Gem

We have so many choices these days when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring. The options are more because everyone wants variety as they all want something that will make them look different. Deep in the hearts, everyone wishes that they should stand out among the crowd on special occasions like their own engagement. A sure shot way to get that extra edge is jewelry. This article will give a brief description of various gemstone engagement rings available in the market. So now you can pick the one that is the best for you.

Diamond Engagement Ring  

Now, many people have seen through the ploy and the tradition of the diamond ring seems to be weakening. There are many couples who are now opting for something other than diamonds for their engagement. The experts attribute this shift to many factors like difficult economic times, the awareness of blood diamonds, and a very primary reason lack of individuality that everyone looks for in their engagement ring. Also some consumers now also know that diamonds are in fact not so rare and that the prices are kept high artificially by the lobby that is in charge of distribution and supply of diamonds.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires have recently become a very popular option for engagement rings. In the past, this blue gem was seen as a heavenly stone and a sign of wisdom. People believed that wearing this gem improved the acumen of a person. There are also some traditional beliefs that make this gem as a sign of true love. SO, it is quite understandable that many couples and even the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles and then Prince William opted for a sapphire engagement ring.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement is the next most popular option after the diamonds. The ruby gemstones enjoy a lot of favor thanks to their color. We all know that the red color is most noticeable. That is the reason why it is seen as a sign of danger and even of passionate love. Association of red color with the feeling of love and passion makes it the perfect option for an engagement ring.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Though green color is seen as a sign of envy if you have seen an emerald stone you will agree that the sparkling beauty of this gem can turn everyone green with envy. So, for couples who are bold and love to do something daring and different, emerald can be the best option.

Now it is up to you to choose which of these gemstones you would like on your engagement ring. It’s a matter of personal preference as well as the budget. Though earlier people used to go to the jewelry store for buying the engagement rings now there are several online stores that have some of the best gemstone jewelry, please send us your feedback on our article Your encouraging words will help us in improving our services and collections.


Now you know all the details about the best online engagement rings, so don’t waste a minute of your time and get done with buying engagement rings online. Once you find the website that speaks the vibes of your heart, it will be easy to find the perfect ring to ask the most-awaited question to your lady love that will make her answer Yes with breathtaking awe!

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