Garnet Engagement Ring

Garnet ring

Garnets are becoming a rage when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring. Read on to know why. We all are very careful when shopping for jewelry, particularly the engagement ring. Some significant features that you want in your ring are

  • Unforgettable
  • Unique
  • Incredible
  • Affordable

These words are not mere adjectives; they always govern our buying decisions. So let us discuss each of these features in detail. Though your fiancé will always remember her engagement ring, the guests will remember or discuss your engagement ring after the ceremony if it is simply unforgettable. If you opt for a gemstone like garnet instead of the regular diamonds people are bound to be impressed by your choice. That is why a garnet diamond engagement ring is so popular these days. 

Simply put any unique ring is bound to be noticed and the choice of the garnet gem is a guarantee for the uniqueness. The enticing color of this gem makes it incredible. Though diamonds are stunning, its over-usage has almost made them unremarkable.

The supreme feature that makes red garnet engagement rings most desirable is its affordability. A garnet ring with some of the choicest garnets will cost only a fraction of the diamond rings and still look far more stunning as it will have its characteristic deep, vibrant color. If you want to be fancier in your choice you can opt-out for a diamond and garnet engagement ring. 

How to Buy Garnet Engagement Ring?

One has two options :

  • Buy them loose
  • Buy the engagement ring

Advantages of Buying the Loose Gem

  • You can check that the gemstone is free of any inclusions
  • You are free to pick the exact color, cut, shape and variety of the stone
  • Less expensive
  • You can decide on the setting of your dreams,

Disadvantages of Buying the Loose Gem

  • The stone can get damaged in the course of making the ring.
  • You cannot immediately see how the finished product will look like.
  • Sometimes getting a customized product may cost you more.

That is why buying a ready to wear garnet and diamond engagement ring could be a good idea. However, this is a matter of personal choice.

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