Emerald Engagement Ring

emerald engagement ring

Since Archduke Maximilian had selected the diamond ring for his bride-to-be, the trend of choosing a diamond engagement ring is persisting into the world and with the passage of time, this trend became more colorful and vivid with the introduction of a colored gemstone wedding ring. As gemstones carry many mystical and emotional meanings, people like to use them for the expression of their loving sentiments. If you are one of those who are in love and wish to walk to the altar then a proposal with a beautiful engagement ring emerald is a firm step towards the destination.

Buying an engagement bauble is both simple and difficult. It’s simple when you plan your purchase but difficult if you are confused about your selection criteria. In both cases, a little assistance is very fruitful. We know how important a three stone emerald cut engagement ring is and we value the emotions associated with it. Therefore we have a few easy to follow tips which would certainly help you in picking the perfect engagement bling.

How to Choose Emerald Engagement Ring

A betrothal ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a testimony of love that expresses the hidden feelings in a beautiful and brilliant manner. When purchasing an emerald cut engagement ring the first thing to do is to observe – her personality, your emotions you want to show through the bauble, the current trends, her choice, etc. And then focus on a conclusion to move to the next step.

It is important that the emerald solitaire engagement ring should dramatically match her personality as she has to wear it all her life and it should complement her anyways. As you know her, it won’t be difficult to set her persona in a picture. She might be a chic fashionista, a trend lover or trendsetter, a lady who loves the simple and classic rules of life, a fun-loving girl, bold and straight or little introvert.

Being updated about fashion and trends also gives an extra edge to the selection. These days vintage and classic east west emerald cut engagement ring is in vogue. People are more inclined towards the customized antique 3 carat emerald cut engagement ring. With medium to large-sized emerald set as the main stone, intricate and signature designs among the desired choices of masses.

Emerald being the symbol of new life and growth is the best option for an engagement ring. They communicate the feelings in a beautiful and understated way. Adding diamonds to an emerald engagement ring simply enhances the beauty and value of the diamond emerald engagement ring.

Know Her Preferences

You are buying a ring for your love so it is important to know her choice and make the decision accordingly. To get the idea of her liking sneak in her jewelry collection or see what she wears frequently. Is it the heartthrob contemporary or the best epoch designs she flaunts the most. Talk about the latest jewelry trends and pick out the area of her interest from the conversation. Ask her family or friends to help you with knowing her likes and dislikes in jewelry. Listen to her carefully, you never know when she would leave a hint as women often drop clues about their choices.

Customize a Design

You got the idea of her piece of thought and you have decided your budget so it is now time to design the diamond and emerald engagement ring. Emerald rings look great in any setting so you can either select yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold emerald engagement ring as per your choice and budget. Yellow gold is a more classic option but platinum also delivers a similar age-old grace with a refined touch of fresh looks.

Selecting a quality emerald is also important as this will be the center of your proposal. Emeralds generally come with inclusions and are often oiled to hide them. But don’t worry this is a safe process and it only increases the value of the gem. An emerald with accent diamonds is an ultimate ring choice as this not only triggers the value of the bling but also adds extra beauty and charm to the proposal. Look for a good quality emerald with lesser inclusions and expectable to better clarity, intense color, and a fine cut. Carat and cut fully customized options.

Decide on the wedding band for emerald cut engagement ring style, metal setting, shape, and other designing factors. You can’t ignore them as they are the enhancing factors that add more drama to the proposal.

Why Emerald Engagement Rings Are so Popular?

In this article, we would lead you through the process of choosing a perfect emerald ring but a big question is why you should go for an emerald ring? Well, being so famous and desired though emeralds need no introduction yet a brief about this magnificent stone would clear the doubts about its selection.

This lovely birthstone of May is a charming green gem that represents rebirth, eternal youth, natural love and constant growth in life. The rock is said to bring spring in life and reveals the true love. This lush green gem has been known to empower the owner with foresight. It is also the bringer of fertility and symbolises undying promise.

This charming gem has been loved by royals for its brilliance, luster, and grace. Queen Victoria’s serpent 3 stone emerald cut engagement ring had this team head and Jackie Kennedy, Duchess of Windsor and now Halle Berry are among the few famous names that were given emerald rings as the symbol of lifetime love.

Now that you know which direction you have to go to walk down the aisle, what are you waiting for? Start the procedure to buy the ring and let her say “I do”.

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