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Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

With such a variety of diverse cuts, colors, and shapes, how do you decide on the sort of engagement ring that you suspect your mate could cherish? It can unquestionably be hard, anyhow you may as well know your better half fine by now to have in any event a remote thought of what sort of adornments they like.

In the event that you are fascinated by getting a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, there are a couple of gem specialists specifically that you are sure to need to look at, with the intention that you can discover the accurate yellow diamond pear shaped engagement ring you need and for the best conceivable cost simultaneously.

Choosing Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are searching for an object from olden time’s diamond engagement ring, this is a noteworthy place to begin. Blue Nile, Angara Inc,, etc. stores are the best that are eminent far and wide, and which could unmistakably be worth your chance to look at. They accord different types of diverse engagement rings, so regardless of the possibility that you are not totally beyond any doubt that you need to get a yellow diamond engagement ring, you can discover the ideal ring here, the singled out case that is sure to verify that she will declare yes. Their logic is truly effortless, and this is to accord excellent diamonds and fine gems at extraordinary costs. You will find nothing less than remarkable gems here, and all at particularly focused costs to boot.

Precious Stone Ocean

A different diamond setter that is globe-renowned worldwide and which you might experience for a yellow diamond engagement ring is Diamond Ocean. They are slight of a more up to date association, at the same time one that has as of now made a strong check in the industry and which you realize that you can trust into discovering the engagement rings and different adornments that you are searching for. Not just do they offer engagement rings, for example, the yellow diamond halo engagement ring but simultaneously pledge rings, celebration rings, men’s rings, right-hand rings, adventure rings, and trilogy rings.

Garnet Engagement Ring

Garnets are becoming a rage when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring. Read on to know why. We all are very careful when shopping for jewelry, particularly the engagement ring. Some significant features that you want in your ring are

  • Unforgettable
  • Unique
  • Incredible
  • Affordable

These words are not mere adjectives; they always govern our buying decisions. So let us discuss each of these features in detail. Though your fiancé will always remember her engagement ring, the guests will remember or discuss your engagement ring after the ceremony if it is simply unforgettable. If you opt for a gemstone like garnet instead of the regular diamonds people are bound to be impressed by your choice. That is why a garnet diamond engagement ring is so popular these days. 

Simply put any unique ring is bound to be noticed and the choice of the garnet gem is a guarantee for the uniqueness. The enticing color of this gem makes it incredible. Though diamonds are stunning, its over-usage has almost made them unremarkable.

The supreme feature that makes red garnet engagement rings most desirable is its affordability. A garnet ring with some of the choicest garnets will cost only a fraction of the diamond rings and still look far more stunning as it will have its characteristic deep, vibrant color. If you want to be fancier in your choice you can opt-out for a diamond and garnet engagement ring. 

How to Buy Garnet Engagement Ring?

One has two options :

  • Buy them loose
  • Buy the engagement ring

Advantages of Buying the Loose Gem

  • You can check that the gemstone is free of any inclusions
  • You are free to pick the exact color, cut, shape and variety of the stone
  • Less expensive
  • You can decide on the setting of your dreams,

Disadvantages of Buying the Loose Gem

  • The stone can get damaged in the course of making the ring.
  • You cannot immediately see how the finished product will look like.
  • Sometimes getting a customized product may cost you more.

That is why buying a ready to wear garnet and diamond engagement ring could be a good idea. However, this is a matter of personal choice.

Aqua Engagement Ring

We all want to make our engagement ring unique and another most common issue with these rings is affordability. The article talks about the aquamarine engagement rings which are not only extraordinarily beautiful but also fairly affordable. In fact, there are some very interesting qualities that make aquamarine rings the best ring to along when you have to pop the question, we will look at all these in detail in this article.


Like most gemstones, Aqua is long-lasting and durable and rates high on the Mohs hardness scale at somewhere between 7.5 and 8. So, you do not have to be extra careful about the aqua stone engagement ring as it is fairly strong and sturdy. Though its hardness may not match up with the diamonds, it is as sturdy as stones like topaz and morganite.


Firstly the Aquamarine are naturally eyed clean making them a beautiful gem. The refractive index, the ability to capture and reflect light, is fairly high in this gem. Ranging between 1.57 and 1.58 this refractive index is comparable to some of the most coveted gemstones like emerald, ruby or sapphire. So when this stone is custom we have an aqua engagement ring that has radiant and a lustrous glow.


When we are planning to start off a new life as a married couple there are so many expenses to be taken care off and if you want to get the beautiful bauble that has real gems but is still affordable, aqua marine engagement ring can be the best option. If you want to make it more special you can diamond accents. The combinations are plenty so if you want more options for a limited budget go for Aqua engagement rings! As for the range, aquamarine is available at an affordable price starting somewhere around $500 dollars.


We all know that these days celebrities have started opting for fancy colors for their engagement rings. But most people opt for fancy colored diamonds or gemstones like emerald, sapphires, and ruby, but aquamarine is not so common making it a really beautiful and unique choice. Not only this, but the water blue color of this gemstone also sparkles beautifully when put in the light with a clean and classy look. That is the reason why choosing an aqua blue engagement ring is a great idea.


Another advantage of aquamarine is that it cuts cleanly and has little risk of breaking. That is why it is a gemstone cutter’s dream. In other words, this gem can be cut into different shapes easily. So you can choose the shape of your liking it may be square, round, baguette, pear, or Marquise. Many times the gemstone cutters even experiment with new types of cuts and designs on this stone.


Finally, we will conclude that aquamarine is a really beautiful gemstone but it is still affordable as it is readily available. An advantage of its abundance is that it is frequently discovered in extremely large carat sizes with high clarity. Because of this aqua diamond engagement ring can be made in a wide range of carat sizes. So if you want an engagement ring as big as a gumball aquamarine can be the best option.

Peridot Engagement Ring

Peridot, a gemstone that is pronounced as Pear-ih doe, is a beauty to behold and can make your beloved say a YES!!! While known for thousands of years, this gemstone is popular for its beautiful olive green color, so a peridot engagement ring would be a great choice. It is not that this gem is not available in other colors it is also available in colors like brown, yellow. In this article, you would learn everything about peridot rings and how to choose a peridot engagement ring. Many men choose rings where the period is combined with other gems as peridot and diamond engagement ring or opal and peridot engagement ring.

The birthstone for August, peridot, has a decent hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Also as it is reasonable as compared to emeralds it can be a perfect gift for someone you love. Though it comes at a lower price peridot jewelry has to be handled with care. The reason for this is that it is extremely susceptible to chemical weathering. If not handled carefully this gemstone can change colors or lose its color quite rapidly.

Always bear in mind that gemstone has its jewelry niches. For those looking for a wonderful green gemstone but feel that emerald is too bright or deep green for their needs then the green gemstone is a perfect option. The most popular nowadays is the diamond peridot engagement ring and rose gold peridot engagement ring. These gemstones are commonly referred to as “evening emeralds”.

How Is Peridot Formed?

The mineral source from which peridot is extracted is called Olivine. Olivine mineral usually contains many elements including magnesium, some iron, silica rock or stone, and oxygen. But is it the presence of nickel and chromium that imparts the deep green color of these stones. Peridot is not found in many places and it could because this gem is very susceptible to weathering. High heat, water, and friction can easily destroy a gemstone.

Where Is Peridot Found?

As already mentioned peridot is rare and is found only in select places. St. Johns Island in the Red Sea, Myanmar in Asia and the state of Arizona in the United States are two main sources of this gem. As peridot is a very uncommon gem so it definitely turns heads. It grabs attention in many beautiful colors such as green, olive green, yellow, yellowish-brown and brownish-green. The only thing that everyone who plans for owning this gemstone jewelry is to handle it with extra care as it scratches easily and can lose its color. In fact, it is not as hard as many other gemstones.

Why Men Choose Peridot Engagement Rings?

It can be the best choice if you are looking for a wonderful gemstone that is not as known, but still very attractive. Some people opt for this gem for the symbolism associated with Peridots which relate this gem to love, truth, faithfulness, and loyalty. Not only this there are many other beliefs regarding this gem Egyptian priests drank ‘Soma’ a stimulating beverage from these gem cups as they believed this draws them closer to Isis, the goddess of nature.

As peridot ring glows with light even in the darkness that is why miners used to scout for these gems during the night, marking their location, and returning in the light of day to retrieve them. The ancient belief was that peridot has the power to dissolve enchantments and to drive evil spirits away. People wore it after it had been set in gold as a peridot talisman so that this gem can exert its full powers and dispel the terrors of the night. Powdered peridot was used as a remedy for asthma.

Opal Engagement Ring

If you want something unique for your engagement ring, Opal can be the gem for you. This beautiful stone has many centuries-old tales of magic and mystery. His gem is truly unique because of its characteristic appearance and vibrant colors. The ‘Play of Color” is a beautiful feature to see as the gem changes color and flashes beautifully as you turn the gem in your hand.

What Is Opal?

What makes it more unique is the fact that no two opals are exactly the same. As for the name the word ‘opal’ comes from the Greek word opallos. This word opallos means to see changes of color an identifying characteristic of this gem. Another theory of the name has it that the Romans have based their name opalus inspired by the Sanskrit word for the precious stone, upala. Antique opal engagement rings and vintage opal engagement rings are in high demand because of their characteristics which we would discuss in this article.

How Opal was Formed?

Coming to the classification Opal is a precious gemstone and a formation of non-crystalline silica gel. According to experts, the Opal gemstone was formed millions of years ago, silica gel trickled into cracks in sedimentary layers of the earth. After years of natural heating and molding processes, this Silica gel hardened to take the form of brilliant opal.

If you get to hold a precious opal, you will be amazed by the flashes of rainbow-like colors changing with the angle of viewing. Experts say that these colors are created by an arrangement of silica spheres within the opal. In fact, common opal does not have a flash of color.

Colors of Opals

Opals usually have varying body color and can be either translucent or transparent. However, in the jewelry, we generally see opal gems that have a milky-white base with varying flashes of color. The other popular color of Opals is black but it is one of the most rare and expensive opals. Usually, all opals that have a body-color that ranges between dark grey and black opal ring, and has fiery flashes of color are valuable.

Precious fire opal rings are another choice, and here the base colors of the Opal gem range from yellow to orange. Fire opals can be transparent to translucent, with fiery flashes. So fire opal engagement rings are also very beautiful. 

Which Color is the Best?

It is a matter of personal choice every gemstone has its own beauty and it depends on the wearer which color appeals to them the most. The most interesting thing for anyone when choosing this gem is that no two stones are the same, making your engagement ring really unique and special. Just imagine how beautiful opal promise rings look like.

Opal Hardness

Hardness and durability of the opal gem have a significant impact on its usability. Here we have to mention that opal does not rank high on the hardness scale and the hardness of the stone ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.Which is considerably less as against diamond, which is rated at 10, and is the hardest gemstone. So, the care of the Opal gem is really important.

How to Care for Opal Engagement Rings?

Avoid harsh cleansers for cleaning opals and never place opals in ultrasonic cleaners. Also never rub oil on an opal. Rubbing oil may make it shine brighter but it can cause damage. According to some jewelers, it is better to soak opals in the water at regular intervals to help them reabsorb lost moisture.

Opal Meaning

There are several misconceptions about the gemstone opal one of them is that it brings bad luck. But believe us buying an opal engagement ring for your better half will only bring a smile of joy on her face. A very common superstition about real opal gemstones is that it brings bad luck to purchase an opal for oneself, but good luck if it is a gift from someone.

These beliefs about this beautiful gem have been prevalent throughout history. But some experts believe that such myths were perpetuated by diamond dealers in the 18th and 19th centuries because they feared that this gemstone I’ll steal away diamond customers. Though after huge amounts of opals were found in Australia efforts are going on to change the perception of the customers regarding this gem.

We would recommend opal engagement rings for their rainbow hues, making opals some of the prettiest stones around. The real exciting feature of this stone is its ‘play of color’ or that beautiful display of rainbow shades on this gem.

Science Behind Opal

For all those who are interested to know what makes this gem unique here is the science behind this gem. Opals are in fact amorphous “lumps” or “balls” of mineral silica or in other words, it is a non-crystalline form of silica.

So, if we want to know how it gets formed it is water carrying dissolved silica seeps through sand and dirt, and then eventually the silica particles are deposited in cracks. When the water evaporates, the silica particles cement together to form the opal.

As for this ‘play of color,’ the identifying feature of this gem is caused by the diffraction of light. Now each opal stone has small spheres of silica, most of them are of similar arrangement and size. When the light gets reflected from these spheres it gets divided into spectral colors, and the stone appears to contain all the colors of the rainbow. But if these spheres are very large and not of uniform size and arrangement of the colors become more limited.


Though we are all impressed by the beautiful and colorful display of these opals it has its share of shortcomings. One major flaw is that unlike diamonds, opals are a much softer stone. If we compare the two stones on Mohs scale of hardness, in comparison to diamond which is considered to be a 10 on this scale, the opal rates between a 5 and a 6.

This shows opal jewelry has to be handled with care as it can break more easily and you must be careful to treat it with care and look for a ring setting that best preserves its integrity. We would suggest a semi-bezel setting can be a good choice.


Now if you have made your mind that you want an opal ring for your wedding you will be overwhelmed by the impressive color range. These opals are available in a variety of colors including white, pink, green and blue opal rings, grey, or black. Among the many types of opals available these days Australian boulder opals are considered a more durable variety with more robust color display. Making these types of opal most valuable. If we look at the various colors Black opals are most rare and so highly expensive.

Thus if you want to surprise your beloved with a fancy gift, consider choosing a black opal engagement rings. Also, choose the metal of the engagement ring, we recommend choosing among rose gold opal engagement rings, gold opal engagement rings, and opal and diamond engagement rings that come in beautiful settings in opal band.

Depending on your budget and personal choice you can pick out the opal engagement ring for you. If you find this article helpful please share your comments.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

September birthstone is sapphire and if you are planning to propose in the upcoming month it can be the best option for your engagement ring. You may be wondering why we are saying you should go for a sapphire engagement ring for your proposal. Here is the reason one, this gem extraordinarily beautiful two as your relation is being born in this month the birthstone of this month will bring good luck. So let’s learn why sapphire jewelry is so popular and what is the best natural sapphire company.

Qualities of Sapphire Gemstone

Sapphires have other qualities that make it a popular choice for engagement rings like they are seen as a symbol of loyalty and commitment. Practically also they are a good option because they are more durable and can be worn on a day to day basis without any fear of damage.

Though these days many couples are opting for sapphire wedding rings as Sapphires can be an interesting alternative to diamonds. What is even more interesting is that these gems come in almost each color we see in a rainbow, if there are intense blues there are also some delicate pinks.

Price of Sapphire Engagement Ring

One most important reason for the popularity of this gem is that they are relatively less expensive. So, if you want a beautiful sapphire stone but are a little short on budget, it may be interesting to note that you can buy a comparatively larger sapphire than a diamond for the same budget .

Choosing Engagement Ring with Sapphire Gem

Now when it comes to buying a sapphire ring we have to consider some important aspects like the color, size and shape, you may be thinking that there can be some standards like 4C’s in diamond but sadly there are no standardized scales for the various factors involved in the evaluation of a gemstone like sapphire. So, it is basically ruled by the general preferences like deep and rich blue colored sapphires enjoy a better value as they are more preferred by the people.


General perception is that the higher and uniform saturation of the color commands a better value. So if the sapphires are lighter and less saturated they may be comparatively cheaper but if you like it you should buy it as personal choice is most important. The gems come in various colors, you can choose among white sapphire engagement rings, green sapphire, yellow sapphire and blue sapphire ring. But one thing that we all have to check before buying a sapphire is that it should not have any inclusions, or tiny imperfections. But mostly sapphires have inclusions so make sure that they should not be visible to the eye.


Sapphire is available in many shapes and sizes however, some of the most popular shapes for this gem are round, cushion and oval. Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton opted for a sapphire engagement ring which was previously worn by Princess Diana. This remarkable ring has a large, beautiful oval sapphire.

Diamond Accents or Engraving Details

Another common feature of Sapphire engagement rings is that they have diamond accents or engraving details. This is done to give an added complexity and contrast. If you are not so keen on a halo ring with diamond accents you can go for the three stone sapphire and diamond engagement rings. Here the center sapphire has diamond on either side, a popular choice.

Amethyst Engagement Ring

The gemstone amethyst has been viewed as a talisman against addictions and it is very popular among men shopping for engagement rings as a diamond and amethyst engagement ring is a big trend nowadays. Not only this, but this gem is also known to reduce stress, calm negative emotions, and give relief in headaches. In spite of these qualities this gem is not a popular choice for the engagement ring. However, qualities like sincerity and purity make it the perfect thing for couples who want to make their relationship more meaningful. A lot of people believe that amethyst engagement ring meaning does influence your relationship positively.

Advantages of Amethyst Ring

So, while amethyst may be an unusual gemstone for engagement still it can be the perfect thing for your engagement if you want something unique. Also, it promotes some qualities that every person looks for in their partners. It promotes sincerity that is all about genuine, consensual love between two people and purity which ensures that their love is not affected by outside circumstances. Amethyst exists in different colors so you could choose a green amethyst engagement ring, purple amethyst engagement ring or pink amethyst engagement ring.

Another feature that makes Amethyst a good option is its cost. When compared with precious stones like rubies or diamonds this gemstone is relatively reasonable though they are just as beautiful. Although, you can also find many options for an amethyst diamond engagement ring, especially if you would be looking for a vintage amethyst engagement ring. In simple words opting for an Amethyst engagement ring set will give you an advantage of the perfect combination of beauty and affordability. If you want to make your proposal even fancier, consider going for an amethyst and diamond engagement ring. 

What Metal Types Can Be Used for Amethyst Rings?

Though metal type is more of a personal choice certain types of metals are more commonly utilized in these rings. The popular metal options are platinum, silver, and white gold. Though you can also opt for yellow gold few people these days are opting for it as it is considered a relatively soft metal. Durability is of special importance as engagement rings are worn daily for years together. Another reason why people do not opt for yellow gold for amethyst ring is that the yellow hue can bring out an undesirable yellow tint in the amethyst. Amethyst engagement ring white gold is a very popular option, although you can also consider choosing black gold amethyst engagement ring so there’s a lot of to think about while selecting amethyst engagement ring sets.

Tips for Buying Amethyst Ring

Like every other gem, the biggest challenge when buying this gemstone is its authenticity. We all shell out a fortune to own a gemstone. We all want to avoid the costly mistake of picking up a fake as there are many places that sell imitations as amethyst and it is very difficult to tell the fake stone on the first look.

  • Only shop from a trusted jeweler, usually they inform their customers whether the stone is an imitation of the natural stone.
  • Also remember that there are three grade levels for amethyst stones: Siberian, Uruguayan and Bahrain.
  • Siberian stone is top-grade amethyst while the lowest grade is Bahrain.
  • The deep violet shade is the more expensive and as the color range goes lighter the price also goes down.
  • Remember oriental amethyst rings do not contain amethyst stones instead these rings have sapphire stones but the color of the stone is somewhat like the amethyst.

How to Take Care of Amethyst Ring?

  • Don’t wear them in a way that they get exposed to direct sunlight as it may alter the hue of the stone.
  • Clean it at regular intervals as it is essential to keep it in good condition for a longer period.
  • To clean it you can simply mix water with light liquid soap and then scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Emerald Engagement Ring

Since Archduke Maximilian had selected the diamond ring for his bride-to-be, the trend of choosing a diamond engagement ring is persisting into the world and with the passage of time, this trend became more colorful and vivid with the introduction of a colored gemstone wedding ring. As gemstones carry many mystical and emotional meanings, people like to use them for the expression of their loving sentiments. If you are one of those who are in love and wish to walk to the altar then a proposal with a beautiful engagement ring emerald is a firm step towards the destination.

Buying an engagement bauble is both simple and difficult. It’s simple when you plan your purchase but difficult if you are confused about your selection criteria. In both cases, a little assistance is very fruitful. We know how important a three stone emerald cut engagement ring is and we value the emotions associated with it. Therefore we have a few easy to follow tips which would certainly help you in picking the perfect engagement bling.

How to Choose Emerald Engagement Ring

A betrothal ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a testimony of love that expresses the hidden feelings in a beautiful and brilliant manner. When purchasing an emerald cut engagement ring the first thing to do is to observe – her personality, your emotions you want to show through the bauble, the current trends, her choice, etc. And then focus on a conclusion to move to the next step.

It is important that the emerald solitaire engagement ring should dramatically match her personality as she has to wear it all her life and it should complement her anyways. As you know her, it won’t be difficult to set her persona in a picture. She might be a chic fashionista, a trend lover or trendsetter, a lady who loves the simple and classic rules of life, a fun-loving girl, bold and straight or little introvert.

Being updated about fashion and trends also gives an extra edge to the selection. These days vintage and classic east west emerald cut engagement ring is in vogue. People are more inclined towards the customized antique 3 carat emerald cut engagement ring. With medium to large-sized emerald set as the main stone, intricate and signature designs among the desired choices of masses.

Emerald being the symbol of new life and growth is the best option for an engagement ring. They communicate the feelings in a beautiful and understated way. Adding diamonds to an emerald engagement ring simply enhances the beauty and value of the diamond emerald engagement ring.

Know Her Preferences

You are buying a ring for your love so it is important to know her choice and make the decision accordingly. To get the idea of her liking sneak in her jewelry collection or see what she wears frequently. Is it the heartthrob contemporary or the best epoch designs she flaunts the most. Talk about the latest jewelry trends and pick out the area of her interest from the conversation. Ask her family or friends to help you with knowing her likes and dislikes in jewelry. Listen to her carefully, you never know when she would leave a hint as women often drop clues about their choices.

Customize a Design

You got the idea of her piece of thought and you have decided your budget so it is now time to design the diamond and emerald engagement ring. Emerald rings look great in any setting so you can either select yellow gold, white gold, platinum or rose gold emerald engagement ring as per your choice and budget. Yellow gold is a more classic option but platinum also delivers a similar age-old grace with a refined touch of fresh looks.

Selecting a quality emerald is also important as this will be the center of your proposal. Emeralds generally come with inclusions and are often oiled to hide them. But don’t worry this is a safe process and it only increases the value of the gem. An emerald with accent diamonds is an ultimate ring choice as this not only triggers the value of the bling but also adds extra beauty and charm to the proposal. Look for a good quality emerald with lesser inclusions and expectable to better clarity, intense color, and a fine cut. Carat and cut fully customized options.

Decide on the wedding band for emerald cut engagement ring style, metal setting, shape, and other designing factors. You can’t ignore them as they are the enhancing factors that add more drama to the proposal.

Why Emerald Engagement Rings Are so Popular?

In this article, we would lead you through the process of choosing a perfect emerald ring but a big question is why you should go for an emerald ring? Well, being so famous and desired though emeralds need no introduction yet a brief about this magnificent stone would clear the doubts about its selection.

This lovely birthstone of May is a charming green gem that represents rebirth, eternal youth, natural love and constant growth in life. The rock is said to bring spring in life and reveals the true love. This lush green gem has been known to empower the owner with foresight. It is also the bringer of fertility and symbolises undying promise.

This charming gem has been loved by royals for its brilliance, luster, and grace. Queen Victoria’s serpent 3 stone emerald cut engagement ring had this team head and Jackie Kennedy, Duchess of Windsor and now Halle Berry are among the few famous names that were given emerald rings as the symbol of lifetime love.

Now that you know which direction you have to go to walk down the aisle, what are you waiting for? Start the procedure to buy the ring and let her say “I do”.