Where is the Best Place to Buy An Engagement Ring in 2020?

places to buy engagement ring

Where to shop for engagement rings is a highly disputed question. Some say that a ring for engagement is such a valuable acquisition that offline stores are “honored” to be the only possible variant. The others label a physical store to be a thing of the past and choose online boutiques for a shopping destination. So we’re going to find the truth between the two and decide which one is the best place to buy an engagement ring.

Buying Engagement Rings Offline


  • Engagement ring shopping is a responsible process. It’s always better to choose the diamond in person to make sure the diamond is of good quality.
  • Offline jewelry boutiques rigorously select staff so you can always receive a piece of advice from the professional
  • An in-store-boutique is the best place to buy engagement rings simply because you can exchange the size any time you wish or come with your bride and choose a ring together
  • Unlike online shops, the in-person boutiques like Tiffany&Co make even the most expensive engagement ring affordable by offering a monthly credit plan
  • One more reason why the offline retailer is the best place to buy an engagement ring is that you don’t have to be anxious about the quality of the package and cross your fingers hoping that they put everything you asked or didn’t mistake your ring.


  • Offline stores spend lots of money on maintaining the image and thus their jewelry is more expensive
  • Compared to their online colleagues, physical stores don’t have such a wide selection of jewels for all tastes.

Buying Engagement Rings Online


  • Online stores usually save a great amount of money by not paying rent, hence, they offer the best deals on engagement rings
  • Have you ever felt like you’re literally ought to make a purchase when dealing with a sales consultant? In online stores, your interaction with vendors is minimized, so you’re free to surf through the websites without remorse 
  • Online sales have already moved onto the next level and decent jewelry stores always offer a lifetime warranty for their items.
  • While visiting jewelry stores may be a time-consuming process, it takes only a few seconds and few clicks to move from one site to another. This is a salvation for customers with a busy working schedule.


  • Online diamond purchasing is a huge risk. In this case, the customer rate is not the warranty of quality and credibility. Each diamond is unique, so only a professional jeweler can estimate its quality.

Best Engagement Rings Sellers

Already decided on ordering a ring on the Internet and looking for top places to buy engagement rings on the Web? You expect it to have a solid reputation on the market, reasonable prices and a good choice of diamond rings. Thankfully to you, we made an extensive search and made a list of the best stores to buy engagement rings. We took into consideration the variety of facts including professional opinions, real user reviews, and the site’s refunds policy so you can finally choose where is the best place to buy an engagement ring and enjoy hassle-free shopping experience.

Blue Nile

The history of the company started in 1995, but the Blue Nile that we know firstly appeared on the market in 1999. Settled in Washington, in 2015 it started opening the showrooms in New York and since that time that have showrooms in the biggest U.S shopping malls. The Blue Nile now sells the greatest amount of diamond jewelry in the world. Still, the biggest part of the company’s income comes from online sales.

What makes the company stand out is that it offers a more specific choice of diamonds. Here you’re unlikely to find thousand of ring types all of the different colors, shade a clarity, but rather classic models of the most popular ring types. It states to have a zero-tolerance towards low-quality diamonds and ensures that their customers get only the best diamond rings and consultation of a professional if needed. Besides, they undoubtedly provide their clients with 30-day supervision and guaranteed refund or exchange. 

You can hardly find any discontented Blue Nile clients. the customers are majorly satisfied with the site’s prices and staff attitude. 

James Allen

In 2019, James Allen was admitted to be the best diamond retailer and it firmly holds the position of being among the best places to buy an engagement ring. The company can boast of the genuinely large selection of diamonds. Here you will find a beautiful ring of any type. No problem if you’re a fan of a solitaire style, princess or pearl style of a wedding ring, maybe you want to stick to the classic or choose an original diamond, James Allen seems to offer a decent choice of best online engagement rings even for the most demanding couples. Multiple James reviews state that the shop has about 40% lower prices than any other diamond retailer.

The other great function that attracts potential customers to the site is that it offers a detailed 360 degrees HD overview for every single diamond they sell. This all gives the impression that the developers of the site worked hard to be on the top of the diamond retailers market. James Allen has a flawless reputation. You can consult their customer support service any time within the day that will help you in purchasing a fantastic ring for your sweetheart. Besides, they follow the latest trend for eco-friendliness and started selling artificially elaborated stones to cause less harm to the environment.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

Brian Gavin is a member of a family of diamond cutters that come from South Africa. This a legendary jeweler that turned his name into the trademark. The Brian Gavin company nowadays is probably the best place to buy diamond ring online. Once you are lucky to get to know the Brian Gavin store, you can be sure that there is no better place where to buy engagement ring. No other brand can compare to Brian Gavin’s high quality of diamonds, every stone offered in the store perfectly shaped to become a proper decoration on any girl’s finger.

Brian Gavi clearly understands the purpose of their work, their jewels are bought for special occasions and their engagement rings are highly popular for the proposals. The company’s diamonds are conflict-free, they’re all mined and crafted legally, no doubts, Brian Gavin company is a legit corporation. In addition, BrianGavinDiamonds.com. itself is excellently organized and easy to navigate that only enhances to site’s usability. 

What else encouraged us to include the company into the list of best places to buy engagement rings is its exclusive Hearts&Arrows Cushion cuts diamond and the large choice of elegant and classy emerald-cut diamonds.

White Flash

Fantastic choice of round, princess, cushion and many other diamond cuts is waiting for you in Texas. White Flash diamond retailer is a winner of the BBB Pinnacle Award and a member of the American Gem Society-a trading association comprised of the top jewelers of America and Canada. The in-stock spectrum is limited by only round and princess cuts, however, on their website, you can find a better variety of engagement rings. White Flash company is among the top ten places buy engagement ring and it proudly justifies its title.

First of all, to prove that White Flash is a great investment, we should mention that this is an official distributor of designer engagement rings that any girl would be happy to receive. One more reason why this is the best place to buy a diamond ring is the efficiently developed website, comfortably packed with HD overview of every diamond. Since its first introduction in 2000, the site was known as an expert producer and distributor of classy diamonds worldwide.


Looking for best place for engagement rings? Welcome to Leibish&Co. Not only it’s one of the best online jewelry stores, but also the company has showrooms in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Shanghai, and India. Founded long ago in 1979 in Israel, the popularity of the company fastly went the rounds and now is known by almost every resident of any country. In the USA, the brand is especially in high demand, because it is aimed at selling fancy color diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones.

The company is serious about its customers’ safe purchases, that’s why in 2011 they implemented jewelry insurance. It’s worth mentioning that the company is constantly improving. in 2014 they rebranded their site and after that established partnership with Chinese colleagues to let the Chinese residents enjoy the high-class unique diamonds and fancy gemstones.


Who doesn’t know Amazon? The largest trading company selling all kinds of goods and rings for engagement is not the exception. You may be surprised to see the site in this list of best places to buy an engagement ring online, and frankly speaking, Amazon is a bit dubious place for purchasing an engagement ring. Of course, Amazon is a legend in online sales. It sells almost everything, clothes, electronics, accessories, and many other necessary or not items.

Critics say Amazon isn’t the appropriate platform for haunting for a diamond ring and thus they cite a range of examples to prove their words. However, the website has a solid reputation and is still good at offering a convenient delivery service.

If you are firmly intended on purchasing a ring on Amazon, we can recommend you be very or even excessively cautious. Amazon is a large and thus a bit messy online store. None of the diamond retailers are responsible for the quality of the rings they sell and can easily sell moissanite or cubic zirconia for the cost of a diamond. As you see, despite Amazon’s credibility is selling toys, clothes and home goods, unfortunately, this is not the best place to buy engagement ring. 

How to Save Money by Buying Engagement Rings Online

You imagine this exciting moment of a proposal when you’re standing on your knee somewhere under a starry sky of Paris and asking your honey to marry you. Being over the moon she says yes and you put a beautiful engagement ring on her finger. But if with Paris everything is cut and dry, a perfect ring is not easy to find. What style your bride-to-be prefers, what size she wears and where to purchase a ring and not go bankrupt?

Fortunately, we have prepared a little guide on how to save money by purchasing a ring for engagement online. Make yourself comfortable and go on reading!

Choose Reputably Sellers

Firstly, shop only in best places to buy an engagement ring. Yep, we know that reputable retailers may have higher prices than their less famous aides, but before throwing stones, let us explain to you one simple fact. In reputable stores, you pay for quality and confidence. You can be sure that they treat every order responsibly, deal only with legit sources and guarantee the customers a free care period. Stores like James Allen, Leibish and others on the list are definitely worth your attention.

Set a Budget

Secondly, decide on your budget. Go on for an engagement ring shopping journey without a budget determined is a failing plan. If you decide on how much money to spend, you’ll make the process go much faster. Besides, all the sites have a search filter, so you can easily narrow down the search and recline the rings that are way above your financial capacity.

No Credit Cards

Although this seems a great opportunity to buy an expensive ring from leading jewelry houses like Tiffany or Cartier, this is a way to spend almost twice more than a ring costs. Want to save money on buying the ring? Rely only on the finances you’ve already earned.

Consider Purchasing an Alternative Stone

Have you ever wondered why it always has to be a diamond? The story of this phenomenon traced long ago in history and there is really no need to dig into this, but you should know that emerald, sapphire, or any other gemstone in a wedding ring is not a crime.

Give Up the Carat Size

Did you know that all the diamonds are grouped into classes and each of them is assigned with a particular price category? The 1.49 and 1.5-carat sizes are in different groups, but look absolutely alike. Hence, if your girl wants a 1.5-carat diamond, you can save money and buy her a 1.49 diamond ring. The difference between the two is invisible for the eyes but significant for your wallet. 

Avoid Solitaire

This is the example of eternal classic and elegance. A round-cut diamond on a gold ring is the most sought-after variant among the couples and, hence, the most expensive one. If you’re looking for ways to save money, have your eyes on other fancy types. Thankfully, the best jewelers for engagement rings got them in abundance.

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