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20 Proposal Ideas for Any Budget

If you’re reading these lines you must have already met your only one and now are thinking about how to propose. Well, you’re a lucky one, you’ve found the only guide you need. Hence, we draw your attention to the top 20 memorable but simple proposal ideas for any taste and budget.

Expensive  Proposal Ideas

#1 Rent a Luxurious Villa Somewhere in the Islands

If you two are passionate about sea travel and have some money to burn, head for the islands for the most unforgettable weekend ever. Hire a gorgeous villa with a landscape that looks like a fairy tale picture and spend there the most memorable vacation in your lives. Your lady would be delighted to know where you’re heading for. Enhance her impressions with the unforgettable proposal and be sure she’ll remember it for the lifetime. Expensive proposal ideas will never get out of trend. 

#2 Go for Treasure Diving in the Caribbean

Obviously, the Caribbean is not a cheap idea for a proposal. Get your future fiance to “treasure diving”. You can agree with local divers so they reliably hide the ring in a safe place until the romantic marriage proposal. This one of the most unique ways to propose and only imagine how proud your bride will be to tell her friends about the engagement and how pleased she would be to see what efforts you’ve made to organize such a stunning proposal.

#3 Keukenhof in Amsterdam

This location is for the most beautiful and romantic proposals men can ever make. The entrance ticket costs about $22 dollars, so why is it placed among the top 5 expensive proposal ideas? Why should a wealthy man make a proposal in a crowded tulip park? Rent the whole Keukenhof for a few hours and propose to your girl among the silent breathtaking beauty of the park. Your fiance will have no choice but to say yes.

#4 Get an Entire Secret Pool in Lake Mývatn, Iceland

What can be more luxurious than to rent the entire private pool in Iceland? The most unique experience starts with a private jet that allows you to see all the volcanoes, lava formations, and waterfalls in the region and finally takes you to a place of privacy and romance. This proposal idea is worth a single dollar you invest into it.

#5 Head to Venice 

Well, it’s not about proposing on one of the numerous bridges of Venice or on a gondola in the middle of the channel. For a rich man who feels no lack of money, there is one of the world’s most expensive restaurants that serve exclusive meals and provides the visitors with a sense of privacy as well. Just imagine you and your beloved are alone among the Italian beauty enjoying dishes for $10.000 and after that, you present her a sparkling diamond ring as a sign of engagement. Besides, you can grab a bottle of the restaurant’s specially produced wine as a remembrance of that magical moment.

Affordable Proposal Ideas

#6 On the Stage

If you both have a favorite band that’s coming with a show to your city, don’t hesitate. Make an agreement with the manager and security, get up on stage, and propose to your lady while all the thousands of people watching. Believe it or not, but this is one of the most memorable proposal ideas that any girl would appreciate. All you need is a romantic speech that will make your girl’s heart melt, a ring and someone to record this life-changing moment. If you’re too shy to get up to the stage or not ready to feel the frustration from the refusal, just choose a moment when your favorite song is playing in the background and propose to your bride-to-be. 

#7 Surprise Her With a Cute Pet She Was Dreaming Of

Looking for a cute way to propose to your girlfriend? We can offer you by far the best idea. Adopt or purchase a pet your honey always wanted, put a collar with “will you marry me” writing, and present it to your sweetheart. Wait until the euphoria fades and she notices your proposal, this would be a perfect time to present her an engagement ring. Let that cute pet be a symbol of a new stage in your lives. However, we don’t recommend implementing this idea unless you make sure that your beloved isn’t allergic to fur.

#8 Romantic Date on the Roof

The best engagement idea for those who want to make a special proposal for not all money in the world. Choose a spectacular location in your town, hire a team of a violinist, a waiter, a professional chef or order the delivery from a fancy restaurant, buy a bottle of your lady’s favorite wine and beautifully decorate the place. If you’re not a creative one, on Pinterest, you can find lots of ideas that any man can easily put into practice. Behave naturally, don’t give away even the slightest sign of excitement, and then let the ring be the brightest сhord of the evening.

#9 Organize a Romantic Photoshoot With an Unexpected Ending

The majority of girls love being photographed, especially with their boyfriends. No woman would resist a temptation to take part in a romantic photoshoot with a professional photographer. She will have her hair beautifully styled, makeup, and will dress with correspondense to the situation. In the middle of the process, pull out the engagement ring, and make a proposal. Ask a photographer to capture the moment, so you’ll always be able to show your friends and then kids the most exciting moment of your youth. 

#10 Take Her on a Romantic Journey Around the Native Town

Yes, you haven’t mistaken. We offer you to organize a romantic journey to the most memorable places in your relationships. Take your fiance to the place you first met, then to your favorite restaurant, take a walk in a park that you both enjoyed, and buy her a cute bouquet from a local florist. At the end of a route, offer her to start a very new journey as spouses. None of the marriage proposal ideas carry such deep meaning as this one. 

Creative Proposal Ideas

#11 Use Pictures

This way is among those marriage proposal ideas that will take some time,  patience and friends’ help. The best way to implement this idea is when a girl is away for a while. Find every single picture of you together and wallpaper your room with them. After the long-awaited “yes” you can add one more memorable episode to the collection.

#12 Create a Time Machine

No, we don’t ask you to join the circle of physicians and make the impossible invention to propose to your sweetheart. What we offer is to recollect the memories from your very first date and bring it to life again but with a different ending. Just imagine how close you’ve become since that time and how stronger your love got. A girl whom you didn’t even dare to kiss at that moment can now become your bride. 

#13 Immerse Into a Story of Your Relationships

Nostalgia is not the worst thing when it comes to a proposal. Relationships that lead to marriage are worth remembering so why not organize the evening of romantic recollections. Bring pizza and make it seem like you’re going to spend a cozy home date. Again, you may print pictures that were taken during the special moments of your relationships and offer your girl to remember when and how they were taken. Propose to her right after the last picture is discussed. 

#14 Organize a Flashmob

It takes lots of effort. It takes patience and accuracy to gather people together, to make everything go as you plan it, find the time and place, so nothing could go wrong no matter what happens. Only imagine how your bride will be delighted to see how many people are involved in her honor. On that day, the Earth is ought to revolve around your girl and she is ought to say yes.

#15 Turn Your House Into a Fairy Tale

The list of cute proposal ideas would be incomplete without the idea of creating a fairy tale inside your apartment. Wait until the sunset, turn off the light and light cute candles all over the house. Decorate your place with flowers and wait for her in the room with a gorgeous bouquet and a diamond ring. Your bride will certainly melt at that moment. Make sure you have a camera to capture the moment.

Classical Proposal Ideas

#16 Near the Eiffel Tower

What girl hasn’t dreamt of going to Paris and receiving a proposal near the Eiffel Tower? You can make your sweetheart’s dream come true. Book a decent hotel with a view for the Tower, buy a fancy ring and propose to her under a starry sky of the French capital.  Paris has never been among unique proposal ideas, we’d rather call it the eternal classic and so a way not to lose to get an awaited yes.

#17 Reach the Highest Place in the City

Surely, your lady will be hardly surprised if you take her to the observation deck in your town, so in case you’ve some money to spend, organize a trip to the city she’s never been to before. Wait till the sun starts to set and leave her to admire the landscape. Get down on one knee and ask your soulmate to turn around. Such a romantic gesture will not leave her indifferent. 

#18 Proposal at a Fancy Restaurant

Bet, you’re not surprised to see a restaurant in the top 20 best ways to propose. This is no weird why so many grooms-to-be choose this location for a proposal. An expensive restaurant is not the place you choose for a usual date. It requires a dress code and adds solemnity to the situation, making a lady perceive it far more seriously. Exquisite dishes and a cozy atmosphere will only predispose you to propose to your beloved. She will feel like a character of one of those romantic movies she used to watch as a child.

#19 Valentine’s Day Proposal

Probably any girl in long-term relationships expects Valentine’s Day to change her marital status. She wants her boyfriend to make up his mind, purchase a proposal ring, and ask if she would become his Mrs. Thus, Valentine’s day has already become the most appropriate moment to propose. 

#20 In a Family Circle

There are no engagement ideas that would be easier to implement than a proposal during a family gathering. Inform parents about your intentions, invite them for dinner, and make sure they will all be silent about the upcoming event. Feel the appropriate moment to pronounce a touching speech, get on one knee, and put a fancy ring on your lady’s finger. Parents will feel boundlessly happy to be present at such an important event in their children’s lives.

Closing Word

Regarding everything mentioned above, we would like to emphasize on the importance of choosing the right idea to propose to your potential bride. There’s no good or bad way, rely on your financial capacity and do it as you feel it should be done. You were given a list of top 20 best proposal ideas, and free to choose any of them. Keep in mind that only you know how to make the proposal moment genuinely touching and memorable. 

How to Resize an Engagement Ring

The proposal is an exciting and responsible stage in any couple’s relationships. Purchasing a ring is not only a matter of taste and finance but also you need to know what ring size your beloved wears. You’re a lucky one if you exactly remember her ring size. If no, you can pay a jeweler to get a ring resized or learn to do some manipulations on your own. This article will be extremely helpful no matter what way of resizing you prefer.

What Types of Rings Can Be Resized?

If your girlfriend is not going to be surprised with a proposal, you can make the task easier and take her out for the engagement ring shopping. However, the majority of potential grooms prefer keeping it in secret and rely on their intuition and good luck while choosing the ring size. So if a ring you’ve bought for your bride is too tight or too loose, you can always resize it. 

As usual, ring resizing isn’t a complicated process and can be done by any jeweler. But nevertheless, not any ring can be resized and you should understand that to avoid spending money on nothing. If you firmly decided on purchasing the following bands, make sure you know the exact ring size of your bride.

Rings with Gems Can’t Be Resized

Rings that are lavishly adorned with gems, as usual, can’t be resized. Eternity rings, for example, are impossible to resize because it doesn’t contain enough free metal that a jeweler can work with. Rose gold engagement bands are also tough to adjust. Not all jewelers will agree to work with rose gold as this is a fragile metal that can easily crack in case of any manipulation. Tungsten rings can’t be resized at the material per se is extremely hard.

Tension Bands Are Risky to Resize

Tension bands are one more type that is risky to resize. Consider it while making such a valuable purchase. Furthermore, keep in mind that resizing engagement rings is only possible if it’s 2 sizes bigger or smaller. 

How to Resize the Ring?

Engagement ring resizing isn’t a complicated process for a professional jeweler. He can do it without reducing the ring’s value. To enlarge a band a jeweler adds the extra metal to the bottom of the ring and vice versa to size it down a jeweler will cut spare metal from the ring and then just solder the parts and clean the band from any oxidation. However, ring adjustment can also be completed on your own, you can find the extensive guide on how to do that at the end of the article. So keep reading!

Where to Resize an Engagement Ring?

After we made a question can engagement rings be resized clearly, it’s essential to point out where to resize a ring. Of course, the most obvious way to make a ring fit is to find a local jeweler who will do that within a few minutes or hours.

Can I find a ring resizing near me? Country’s famous resize master has locations all over the US and claims to offer free shipping from Alaska to Hawaii.

However, most jewelry stores offer a free resizing warranty. The Blue Nile resize, for example, is free up to 30 days from the moment of purchase.

James Allen’s resizing policy is even more pleasant. Getting a ring sized by the company for the first time is available free of charge within 1 year since the acquisition, they also offer free shipping and handling. If you ask them to resize a ring for the second time, they will demand a small fee from the customer. But nevertheless, we strongly recommend against multiple band resizing as it can seriously damage the band and so make it impossible to wear. Fancy boutiques like Tiffany & Co also offer a complimentary proposal band resizing for all their customers. You can consult their jeweler in one of the local stores or use the complimentary shipping for getting a ring resized. 

In addition, we’d advise you on asking your friends who have had their rings resized and can recommend a reputable jeweler that knows his craft.

How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring?

Normally, the resize ring price ranges from $20 to a few hundreds of dollars. With so many factors that determine the cost of ring enlargement or compression, you can’t know for sure how much it would cost to make the engagement ring perfectly fit. First of all, the price depends on whether you need to make a ring larger or smaller. A ring enlargement would cost more as a jeweler needs to add some extra metal to the ring. Of course, some customers want just to have a ring stretched in order to save money, even though after the procedure the item may be hopelessly spoiled. 

Secondly, the value of the resize directly depends on the type of the metal. Silver and yellow gold items are the cheapest to resize. Rose gold is dangerous to resize as it can easily get cracked while the resizing. Besides, rose gold may have different shades, some are redder and some have more yellow shade. Hence, it’s hard for a jeweler to pick the right tone. White gold needs a reapplication of rhodium plating after the procedure. The most capricious metals to work with are platinum and titanium. They need a special toolset to work with which makes the adjustment of these rings extremely labor-consuming.

One more factor that defines the cost of resizing rings is how thick the item is. Consequently, the thicker your band is, the more extra material a jeweler has to use to enlarge it. A simple formula that doesn’t need explanations.

Next, the number of stones is relevant. The more diamonds or gemstones are there on a ring, the more expensive it would be to resize the ring smaller or bigger. The stones will need to be reset due to the alteration in curvature which adds to the tenacity of the work.

How Long Does It Take?

How long does it take to get a ring resized is the most frequently asked question among the customers. Of course, the majority of clients want to have their rings resized as soon as possible but the rings adjustment process has the pitfalls that need to be overcome to present you the perfectly-looking band without the slightest evidence of interruption. A yellow gold solitaire ring can normally be resized in a few minutes or hours depending on the employment of the jeweler.

Rings like the diamond solitaire are easy to resize, they’re thin enough, have lots of free metal to work with and so a jeweler doesn’t need that much time to make it for you. Bands of sophisticated shape or generously decorated with stones need more time. They’re harder to solder and polish, which all results in a more time-consuming process. Some jewelry companies like Quick Jewelry Repairs guarantee the quicker resize process if compared to traditional retailers.

1-2 Business Days on Average

The resizing period for the 90 percent of rings is 1-2 business days and the total estimated amount of time including estimating, shipping, and resizing is 1 week. 

What about local jewelers, you can have a ring done even on the same day. Chain jewelers usually need to send the pieces of jewelry to get them resized that might take from 7 to 10 working days.

How Do They Make It Bigger?

Even though the ring resizing is quite a common process, not many people comprehend how it’s being done. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t take much to understand the mechanism of how they resize rings in order to make it bigger. In general, this is a less intricate process than sizing the ring down, a  jeweler can even manage it for 20 minutes. First, you need to define the needed size and then go out for a cup of fresh coffee to bind the time until you get a ring that fits you perfectly. 

During this time, a jeweler cuts the ring on the bottom, then adds the additional material and solders the halves together or uses the laser. However, if the ring is adorned with diamonds or other gemstones it usually takes much time for a jeweler to enlarge the band. After that, a master cleans and polishes the ring to restore its previous look by removing antioxidants that may result from soldering. Anyway, in the end, you get a ring that looks no worse than right after the store if not only the jeweler decides on stretching the ring. In this case, the results of the manipulation are impossible to predict.

How Do They Make It Smaller?

If the engagement ring is too big for your bride’s thin finger, you can always make it lower by turning to a professional. Just like the ring’s upsizing, narrowing the band has also some subtleties which can’t be neglected. Although downsizing the ring is a bit easier task, a master still needs to be careful not to damage the item. To downsize the engagement ring, a jeweler first cuts a small piece of a band and then solders the parts together. Again, depending on the ring thickness, the metal type, and the number of gemstones the work can be more or less time and effort-consuming. After the manipulations, the ring’s surface is also accurately polished and smoothed.

Tips on How You Can Adjust the Size at Home 

The proper fit of the ring is essential. How to realize if a ring fits or not? Most important, it should not slide from your bride’s finger and should not be too tight. An engagement band is what your partner is going to wear for an everyday basis and so she should feel comfortable having it. So if you purchased a ring but miscalculated with the size, you can always have it resized in a local jewelry store or use a warranty provided by your retailer. However, what should you do if there’s no jewelry store around or you need to have it resized here and now? Here are a few tips on how to resize a ring at home. Attention! We recommend using home methods only in case of emergency and with no expensive materials.

Use a Mandrel and a Mallet

The mandrel is a special metal cone used to size the rings. Getting it is not hard, you can look for it in local stores or search on Amazon. An affordable and thus helpful item is essential for resizing a ring at home. 

Step One

Make a special solution of dishwashing liquid or soap and lubricate your ring with it. Make sure a band is uniformly coated.

Step Two

Slide a ring onto a mandrel and strike it with a mallet or a special jeweler hammer at an angle like trying to move it down the mandrel until it obtains a needed size. Your strikes need to be accurate and delicate, don’t use the method if you’re in haste not to damage the setting of the ring.

Step Three

Put it out and try it on. If the ring is still tight, continue the procedure. If it now fits properly, congratulations, you’ve mastered it. Remember that you only enlarge a ring with this method for only a half a size.

Resize a Ring with Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are an economical method to make the ring smaller. You only need small metal balls called sizing beads to downsize the ring causing no harm to the setting. Just take the beads and put them on the back of your band. These tiny balls will prevent the ring from sliding and thus you have no need for applying to the professional jeweler. The only serious disadvantage is that the method is that the beans can be extremely uncomfortable to wear.

How to Tell if a Diamond is Real

A diamond is a costly purchase. Heading for the gem, every customer wants to give money only for the high-quality gem and minimize the risks of being deceived by getting a cheap fake diamond. Hiring a jeweler expert may be expensive, thus, instead, we would like to offer you a guide into how to spot the difference between real and fake diamonds. Having read these lines, you’ll find out what a real diamond looks like, how to test a diamond, and even how to tell if a diamond is real with a flashlight.

Difference Between Real and Fake Diamonds

If you’re planning to head to the jewelry shop and purchase a diamond ring, earrings or even a loose stone you need to understand how to differentiate a precious stone from its worthless substitution.

To see if a diamond is real or fake, get armed with a few precious pieces of advice that we gathered from the reputable jewelers to buy an authentic gem and enjoy the purchase for decades. The first thing you should do to identify a decent diamond retailer is to ask the GIA, AGS, or IGI lab certificate. The certificate also means that the stone was mined legally and is absolutely conflict-free. All the most trustworthy diamond retailers like James Allen or have their diamonds certificated, however, not all real diamonds go with a certificate. In this case, how to identify fake diamonds and not to spend money on them.

Many of you heard about a popular scratch method. How to test a diamond using it? The answer is very simple. You should only scratch a mirror or any glass surface with a questionable stone. If the gem is hard enough to scratch it, this is probably a diamond. However, to differentiate a real diamond from the lab-grown cubic zirconia or quartz a diamond scratch test would be not enough. The point is, the diamond hardness rate is 10, while the quartz’s rate is 7 and the cubic zirconia is 8. All these gems will damage the mirror so the need to look for a new method arouses.

Pay attention to the setting of the ring. A diamond is a rare and precious gem, so it would be only placed in high-quality gold or platinum settings.
But nevertheless, If you have already purchased a gemstone and want to conduct a diamond test at home, we offer you some precious pieces of advice on how to tell a real diamond from a fake.

7 Tips on How to Spot a Fake Diamond

#1 How To Know If a Diamond Is Real With Fog?

Before you start, make sure the stone is free from dirt and stains. The diamond fog test needs a stone to be impeccably clean. All you need is you, a dubious stone and a cool place.

About the Fog Test

Diamonds possess a range of unique physical attributes. One of them is that these gems do not retain heat. Hence, to identify the authentic diamond from its synthetic twins, try going out in a cool place then fogging on it with your warm breath and see how fast the condensate evaporates. If the fog disappears immediately, congratulations, you’ve bought a real diamond. To see how the fake diamond would react, try fogging on your glasses, phone screen or the mirror. See how fast they fog up and how long it takes for them to get clear.

#2 How To Tell If a Diamond Is Real With Water?

No lab-created gem compares to the real diamond. This is a symbol of eternity and affection, especially if you’re purchasing a diamond ring to propose to your lady. Or even if you’re a bride who wants to check if your groom was generous enough to purchase a diamond. Water is the real assistant if you decided on diamonds testing on your own.

You need a cup of water and a gem.

About the Water Test

The test needs no special skills, just immerse a stone into water and observe. If a gem sinks to the bottom, this is a real diamond, but if it floats, bad news, the diamond you’ve purchased is a fraud. Real diamonds are very dense, they would never float, unlike cubic zirconia or quartz. However, remember that the water diamond test is only efficient for loose diamonds.

Keep in mind that despite the lower density, big gems of quartz or cubic zirconia gems can also sink as they are too hard to float.

#3 How Do You Know a Diamond Is Real Using Magnifying Glass

If you wonder how to tell real diamonds using a magnifying glass, try the following. You need a magnifying glass minimum of 10x magnification capacity, a gem that you know is real, a stone you’re going to test and cubic zirconia if possible.

If you’re firmly intended on conducting the test, but don’t have a magnifying glass, try looking for it on the Internet. Amazon, for example, has a variety of magnifying glasses for reasonable prices.

About the magnifying glass Test

Diamond is a gem that reveals on Earth with magma, hence they’re likely to have imperfections. Some gems are carefully put into settings that hide the little flaws of stones. Lab-made gems are flawless. Natural diamonds have slight imperfections, called inclusions. Look for very slight color changes, try to spot small flecks of minerals that are peculiar to naturally-produced diamonds. If you already have an artificial gem or a real diamond, try to compare it to the questionable stone.

#4 How Can You Tell If a Diamond Is Real With Black Light?

One more interesting method on how to tell. is the blacklight or the UV light how we call it. All you need is darkness, a stone, and a UV lamp.

About the blacklight Test

When put under the blacklight a natural diamond emits a beautiful blue fluorescence. The presence of even medium light means that you’re dealing with a real diamond. But nevertheless, not all diamonds exhibit fluorescence, so the absence of light doesn’t mean that a diamond is fake. If a stone has a slight yellow, green or blue fluorescence, it means, you’re dealing with moissanite.

One more flaw of this method is that labs work hard on creating a fake gem that would have the same attributes as the natural one. Hence, fake diamonds can be doped and so will also eliminate an awaited blue light. Try not to rely on the results of this test as on the definitive. Frankly speaking, it takes lots of knowledge and proficiency to tell a difference between a diamond and moissanite.

#5 How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real Using a Loupe?

The first question that you may ask is what is the difference between a magnifying glass and a loupe. A magnifying glass has a metallic holder, making it more convenient to hold. Secondly, a lens of a loupe has a more conical form, while the lens in the magnifying glass is flatter. The last, a loupe is mostly preferred by professional jewelers.

About the loup Test

To begin a test, find a loupe and a questionable stone you think is a diamond. Just like with a magnifying glass, start looking for little inclusions that are peculiar to naturally created gems. Fake diamonds are produced in a lab, in a fully controlled environment, so the possibility of imperfections is very low. If not only the stone was damaged on purpose.

#6 How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real Heating a Stone?

Diamond is a solid gem that withstands high temperatures and rapid temperature fluctuations. This is the unique method to test whether the gem is an authentic diamond or you’ve bought a beautifully cut glass or synthetic cubic zirconia. All you need is a source of heat, fireproof gloves, and a cup of freezing water.

About the heating stone Test

As you already know, a real diamond is unresponsive to heat and cold. Heat the stone and then immediately put it into the glass of water. A glass and cubic zirconia will surely shutter and crack. If you see that a questionable gem is still safe and sound you can be proud of having got a beautiful authentic gem. We strongly insist on using these methods only for loose diamonds; a gold or silver setting may get spoiled. If you wonder how to tell if a diamond earring is real, the best method is to use the professional jeweler’s services.

#7 How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real With a Flashlight?

Another reliable and thus simple method will help to distinguish a diamond from moissanite is a flashlight test. All you will need is a stone, bright flashlight, water, a piece of a white sheet and a plastic lid from a bottle, for example. Pour water in the lid, immerse your stones there, and put a ray from a flashlight from above so that the reflection of a diamond and moissanite passes onto the paper.

About the flashing Test

How to identify diamond from the moissanite? Elementary. Observe the light radiated from the stones. Diamond radiation will resemble the flame of a gas burner on a home stove.  Moissanite has a brightness that is a quarter higher than diamonds. When putting the flashlight, it will exhibit long rays beautifully luminescent with a wide range of colors.

3 Carat Diamond Ring

In the USA, a diamond is an unspoken rule for the engagement ring. A three-carat ring has firmly grounded the market as a perfect ring for engagement that helps a man demonstrate status and a lady to see that she’s getting married to a generous male. In this article, we’ll reveal all the subtlety concerning this luxurious engagement attribute.

How Big Is a 3 Carat Diamond?

Most people have a slight image of the real dimension of the diamonds. To understand the dimension of a 3 carat diamond ring, A 3 carat diamond looks relatively big on a woman’s finger.

A one-carat diamond is approximately 6.4mm, so a diamond of 3.carat is about 9.4mm and weighs up to 600 milligrams.

In other words, its weight is equal to the weight of a raisin. Most women hail 3kt diamond rings to be too big for everyday wear, so they prefer putting it on only for a special occasion or to make her friends jealous, anyway, this is a generous gift that demonstrates your serious intentions.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Price

3 carats3kt diamond rings are an expensive purchase. It’s no secret that an engagement ring was always perceived as a demonstration of the financial capacity of a man. Diamond rings look decent and flawless throughout the years, this is why since the 19th century, the jewelers have persuaded men that diamond is the only appropriate stone for the engagement because it doesn’t only represent the financial welfare of a groom, but also symbolises eternal love and partnership.

Until the 20th century, the diamond was the most wanted gemstone in the world, diamond retailers created a powerful monopoly in the jewelry market of those times. Still, the USA is the most profitable market to purchase diamond pieces of jewelry. So how much will you have to give for a 3 carat diamond ring?

3 Carat Diamond Ring Price Depends on the Clarity, Color, and Type. Diamond is a rare gemstone that is revealed with magma that makes diamond mining a labor-intensive process and diamond itself a rare but popular gemstone.

The average 3 karat diamond ring price $18.000 and $25.000 for a stone of high-quality, however, some may be priced $90.000 and higher. 

Clear Diamond Costs More

A clear and colorless diamond costs more than those with a shade. Pay attention to the color scale, the most popular shades of diamonds are yellow, green, and pink. The red ones are the rarest in nature, so the cost of even the 1-carat red diamond can reach a few million dollars.

3 Carats Diamond Solitaire Costs More

Moreover, the 3 carats diamond solitaire is usually of a higher cost than the oval, marquise, princess or other fancy types. As usual, for the round-cut elegant stone, a customer will have to give 20-25% more. Undoubtedly, the 3 carat diamond cost also depends on a company, in the reputable brand boutiques like the Cartier the prices are often higher. And finally, what else you need to consider is the metal of a ring. When purchasing a diamond ring, not only do you pay for the diamond but the setting material, yellow gold is the cheapest metal for the jewelry while the platinum setting is the most valuable.

3 carat solitaire diamond ring price is $25.456 for a platinum setting and $25.251 for a yellow gold setting.

3 Carat Diamond Shapes

What is great about the 3 karat diamonds is that they can be purchased in any shape you wish. A diamond cut is a form of art. There is no universal diamond shape to satisfy all the tastes and what you need to remember is that the shape of the diamond directly influences the final price. Let’s have a look at the most often purchased ring types.

Round-Shaped Diamond

The undeniable leader is the round-shaped diamond with a white gold setting. A classic that will never go out of fashion and the favorite among customers. The round diamond looks stunning in all colors and clarity, besides, this an iconic model purchasing which is a way not to lose. This shape has the greatest reflection of the light, none of the diamond cut shines in the sun as beautifully as its authentic circular silhouette.

Oval-Shaped Diamond

The oval shape is a brilliant choice for the admirers of elegance and sophistication. Since ancient times, the oval shape symbolises immortality, fertility, and rebirth. An oval-shaped diamond can magically transform the brides’ fingers by making them more elegant and slender. Nowadays, oval is the symbol of stable relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect. One more secret about the oval shape of a 3-carat ring is that it makes the diamond look bigger than it really is.

Princess-Shaped Diamond

Princess shape is a sign of royalty and good taste. A diamond with pointed corners cut in a square which only adds the incredible sparking of a diamond. This is a second popular choice after the round, but in comparison, the princess shape is more favorable to your budget.

Marquise-Shaped Diamond

Marquise is the shape surrounded by lots of mysterious legends. They say it was created by Louis IXV of France long ago in the 18th century. The king was looking for the shape that resembled the lips of his sweetheart. This is the most romantic shape that made thousands of girls say yes. The 3 carats diamond marquise shape ring is rarely seen at proposals, and in some cases remains a bit underestimated.

What to Consider Before You Buy?

A 3-carat diamond ring is a significant purchase and the worst you can do is make the impulsive purchase. In this paragraph, we’ll give you some precious advice on what to consider before you buy a diamond ring. Of course, you won’t become an expert, but still, you’ll find out what to pay attention to and how not dishonest vendors trick you.

Credibility of the Store

Reputable jewelry shops mind the interior of the room, the consultants’ dress code and the image that a store creates when entered. Certificate matters. All diamonds should be certified by the GIA ( Gemological Institute Of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) certificate and should accompany any diamond you are going to buy. The other corporations have lost the customers’ trust after the latest Forbes investigation. Only certified diamonds are conflict-free, so are mined absolutely legitly according to law regulations. Moreover, the certificate is a guarantee of quality and origin.

The scientists now have created an eco-friendly way of synthesizing the gemstone with similar characteristics with diamonds. This is called cubic zirconia and this is a real breakthrough in the world of jewelry creation. Cubic zirconia is an artificial analog of a diamond that costs significantly less. Purchasing it is not a shame, but you should never pay for it the cost of a diamond. 

Clarity of a 3 Diamond

The experts define the VS1 and VS2  categories as worth purchasing, however, the best are those of VVS categories. The clarity can be easily analyzed by a professional because all diamonds have inclusions that cannot be spotted with the naked human eye. If you’re purchasing online pay attention to the warranty term and refunds conditions, the 360 degrees HD overview would be a privilege.

Where To Buy a 3 Carat Diamond Ring?

What are the best places to consider when purchasing a 3kt diamond? With the list of the most credible stores completed everyone can enjoy a safe and hassle-free diamond shopping experience. Most stores have both online and physical departments which greatly saves your time and only adds to the shops’ impeccable reputation.

Leibish&Co is a world’s recognized expert in colored diamond selling. The place where you can step back from classics and choose a colored diamond in a classic round or marquise shape as well as a heart-shaped diamond. is a paradise for people looking for a 3-carat engagement ring to present it to their partner during the proposal. The company states that all their jewelry is made of 100% authentic natural colored diamonds of high value, quality, and reasonable price. The warranty covers each item the company sells making the customer feel safe about the purchase.


Which girl hasn’t dreamt of getting jewelry from Tiffany’s? Or let’s rather ask who doesn’t know about Tiffany & Co jewelry corporation? A fancy premium shop with the exclusive range of diamonds and worldwide popularity is among the top destinations to purchase a 3-carat diamond engagement ring. Tiffany offers rings for all tastes and budgets, some models cost less than $5.000, at the same time as the customer will have to spend over $90.000 for the exclusive ones. Tiffany wants to make its jewelry affordable for every customer by providing a monthly membership plan. A dubious way to save money but nevertheless a great chance to surprise your girl.


In no place on Earth will you feel like royalty more than at Cartier’s. Everything screams of the status and the high cost of the shop. First opened in France, the Cartier is worldwide famous as the center of luxurious purchases. What else to expect from a sought after brand among members of the royal family? Cartier is the shop for the wealthy, a place where you can relax with a cup of coffee while choosing a ring and a jewelry boutique where you pay not only for quality but for the name and image first.

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile is the favorite among people who respect quality for a reasonable price. First made up as an online-oriented chain store and founded in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, the Blue Nile company has extended the audience and opened 5 physical stores. Free shipping, a 15% discount for the first purchase and only conflict-free diamonds are the things that best characterize the Blue Nile corporation. For years in trading, the company has obtained thousands of positive reviews from both professionals and customers. In addition, the company is certified by the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) and also got the certificate by the GIA.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Ideas

A 3-carat engagement ring is a dream of the majority of girls. The bigger the diamond is the more it flatters and the harder it gets to adapt it to the everyday style. Here we want to enlist the best 3-carat diamond ring ideas for couples.

Round-shaped and cushion-shaped diamonds are eternal, the symbol of classics beyond time. No need to explain the reason for their popularity, really. Let’s have a look at some more ideas for a 3-carat diamond band.

3 Carats Pear Diamond Ring

The majesty of a sparkling diamond enhanced with a pave diamond ring looks charming together, especially in white or rose gold. Suggest buying the matching rings or purchase a bridal set to ease the search. A great idea for brides who don’t want to replace the engagement ring with a wedding band.

3 Carat Radiant Cut Engagement Ring In Platinum Setting

Platinum and diamond combination is truly charming. Imagine a unique 3-carat diamond in a 2.6 mm platinum setting adorned with a double or triple diamond raw all beautifully decorating your woman’s finger and reflecting in her shining eyes. A truly mesmerizing picture! 

3 karats Heart-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Platinum Band

It sounds like pure luxury! We borrowed this idea at Tiffany’s store and must admit it looks so mind-blowing! A glowing heart-shaped diamond surrounded by a set of diamonds on a platinum ring will leave any girl speechless. This ring is what your bride would never take off.

3 Carat Diamond in While Gold Ring 

The last idea is dedicated to simplicity admirers. No sophisticated designs, just a diamond that beautifully reflects the light in a white gold setting that only adds to the rings elegance. A  minimalistic ring adorned with your love and devotion is a real way not to lose!

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

What is the difference between engagement rings vs wedding rings and is there any? Well, yes, there is a difference and the difference is significant. After you make a proposal, the preparation for the wedding begins. You have to choose a wedding dress, a location for the celebration, a honeymoon destination, and purchase wedding rings. Yes, you’ve read everything correctly. Wedding and engagement rings are not the same, and so they need to be purchased even if you bought your honey a fancy engagement band. Confused? Read further to make the situation clear!

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

Difference in Meaning

An engagement ring is a ring you give during the romantic moment of the proposal. The wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony. As usual, wedding rings have a more plain design compared to fancy solitaire or princess style rings for engagement. Wedding rings of spouses should not be compulsory matches, you can choose a white gold ring for your fiancée and a yellow gold band for yourself or otherwise.

Difference in Carat Size

One more distinguishing feature between engagement vs wedding ring is the carat size. A ring for engagement is usually a one-diamond beautifully shaped attribute, in which the diamond or other gemstone is the main accent. A ring for the wedding is more plain-looking and may contain lots of small diamonds all around the gold ring, but their common carat size doesn’t exceed the engagement diamond. What else differentiates an engagement vs wedding ring is where they’re usually worn. The tradition dictates to place a wedding band closest to heart and so move the engagement ring to the third finger of the left hand.

Making a small conclusion, the main difference between wedding vs engagement ring is that an engagement one is a promise of a future marriage and so a wedding ring is exchanged by lovers during the matrimonial ceremony. 

How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings?

The engagement is the couple’s official announcement that they have decided to start a family and register a marriage. From that moment, lovers acquire the status of the bride and the groom. The engagement ring becomes the symbol of the future union – the bride wears it on the left-hand finger until the wedding. 

In some families, the ring for engagement was carefully stored as a family heirloom so that a man, son or grandson, could give it to his chosen one. A well-known example is Lady Diana’s engagement ring from Garrard jewelry house with blue sapphire and diamonds. In 2010 Prince William passed it to Kate Middleton. Nowadays another tendency is gaining popularity- to wear both rings, and often on one finger. Moreover, presenting a mom’s o grandma’s engagement ring is becoming a moveton.

Do you still think about how to combine your engagements and wedding rings? Let’s make it clear together. 

Both rings on a girl’s hand have quite a similar meaning. They symbolize that the lady is taken and she doesn’t consider any other flirtation and proposals. Long ago, the engagement ring was a sign of financial responsibility that a groom takes over his sweetheart. The thing is, it traces back to the times when a woman was under her parents’ financial security, but now a man is about to take care of their daughter. An interesting fact that while the Americas are used to wearing the wedding ring on a left hand, most Europeans prefer putting it on the right hand. 

When to Pick Out Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are picked up by future spouses together before the wedding ceremony. 

Start your search three months before the wedding, set up the budget and decide which type of a band you prefer. Rush is your main enemy in purchasing truly lovely bands. A wedding ring is a symbol of your love and lifetime partnership, so give it a minute, let the process of choosing a wedding band become only pleasant chores. A few months would be more than enough to make a good choice. Besides, no matter if you decide to order a ring in online stores or physical boutiques, set some time to decide which style you’re looking for so as not to get lost among the huge selection of rings. Remember that a wedding band selection may not be a one-day decision, visit a few stores, compare the prices, and make a reasonable choice.

One more precious advice is not to choose the ring in hot weather, in the morning and after the gym. Why? The reason is the physiological processes in your body. In these cases, your fingers may simply swell and so the chances to choose the wrong size are extremely high. 

Do You Need Both an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

The solemn wedding day is already near. A fancy ring that you presented to your bride during the proposal beautifully shines on her finger.  However, very soon it will have to be replaced with a laconic wedding band. Is this fair? Is it obligatory to remove a diamond ring after the wedding? And is it actually possible to wear wedding and engagement bands at the same time? Let’s find it out.

An engagement and a wedding band are not the same things, obviously. A ring for engagement represents the groom’s desire to tie his entire life with his lady, while wedding rings are bought to be a symbol of family ties. However, do you still need to wear an engagement ring after the marriage ceremony? That’s the matter of your own comfort, honestly. 

Moreover, you shouldn’t even obligatorily purchase a wedding ring, but use the engagement one during the ceremony and save up the time and money for the future. Most couples prefer buying separate wedding bands for the ceremony. None of the modern tendencies can change the tradition when the couples do not just pronounce their wedding vows, but also exchange wedding rings as a testimony in front of all those invited to the wedding to be a reliable support for each other throughout the married life.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Combination

If you suggested a proposal with your girlfriend and do not intend to surprise her, you can purchase a bridal set. A bridal set is a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band that both look especially beautiful when worn together. Wanna know a secret of a beautiful combination of engagement and wedding rings? The secret is, there’s no secret. Yet, the traditions dictate that it’s preferable to wear an engagement ring and a wedding rings separately or strictly put a wedding band over a ring for engagement, the truth is, you can wear them in any single way you like. Even if you don’t want to combine the rings, you can put the engagement one on the right hand. Why turn wearing rings into a heavy burden? Your comfort is what matters above all. 

Nevertheless, if you’re firmly intended to wear the two rings, consider purchasing a bridal set or even get inspiration from Pinterest. This platform is famous for offering lovely ideas for every occasion and engagement and wedding band combination isn’t the exception. In addition, we recommend you pay attention to classic and elegant rings. In any case, they look stunning and no matter if you decide on combining them or wearing them separately. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement and Wedding Rings

Are Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings Different?

Obviously, yes. Frankly, before purchasing a wedding ring, you need to consider many more factors than when buying a ring for engagement. If you distract from all the chores and euphoria about the upcoming marriage the first thing you should take care of is your comfort. Don’t let the huge assortment and dizzying offers infatuate you. Wedding rings are what you and your partner now wear daily. This means that first of all, it should be comfortable and match your style. All in all, who wants to see that his honey spouse doesn’t wear a ring because it simply doesn’t match his everyday style?

The design is one more factor in this wedding ring vs engagement ring comparison. Again, for the major part of customers, the esthetical part of a ring is the number one priority for the engagement ring while the wedding band is all about the beauty and comfort in one. 

How Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

How to wear your engagement ring vs wedding ring? The answer is simple. An engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of a left hand, then it’s moved to the third finger and its place is taken by a wedding ring. However, everything is not that easy. 

Some brides prefer wearing two rings together. In this case, they should put a wedding band over the engagement one. The others want to showcase each ring and so put them is different fingers. A nice lifehack for ladies who want to make the fingers look visually longer and thinner. 

One more way to wear the engagement ring is…not to wear it for some time. The engagement ring is usually a piece of luxurious jewelry and so some women prefer putting it on only for special occasions. Moreover, it’s a nice way to maintain a ring in good condition. Keep in mind that this is only possible for an engagement ring because a wedding band should be worn on a daily basis.

Finally, the last and the most important secret is to do as you feel it. There is no right or wrong way to wear your rings as you should do this on a daily basis and find the most comfortable way to do so.

Why Are Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Wedding Rings?

Could you believe that we would complete the engagement ring vs wedding band comparison without dealing with a price issue? This is a so-called stumbling-block that needs to be overcome. Did you ever wonder why a wedding ring is usually cheaper even though it seems to be more important?

Firstly, a wedding ring doesn’t usually contain diamonds or gemstones. Even if it does so, the engagement ring has a larger carat size, especially the solitaire or an emerald-cut diamond. The spouses-to-be tend to choose a simple metal band like the tungsten carbide ring for males and a low dome comfort ring or trellis diamond eternity band for women. 

What is more, the engagement ring is a kind of demonstration of the material abilities of a male, his financial capabilities to take care of his future wife and children. Therefore, the engagement band, as a rule, is much more expensive and more luxurious than a wedding one.

Can You Wear Your Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Together?

Sure! Why replace an engagement diamond with a more reticent wedding band if you can easily combine the two. Give the flight to your imagination! If you’re a fan of a classic-looking combination, try to choose a wedding band of the same gold color as your engagement ring. It’s a matter of taste, but still, the combination of rose and yellow gold is unlikely to look appropriate, the white gold or platinum ring is a more practical choice that has higher chances to match any of your rings and jewels in general. Both rings symbolize your family ties, the endless love, and support in marriage, and wearing the two of them is definitely not taboo.

How Long Should You Choose Engagement Rings Stores?

A few months would be more than enough to make a good choice. Besides, no matter if you decide to order a ring in online stores or physical boutiques, set some time to decide which style you’re looking for so as not to get lost among the huge selection of rings. Remember that a wedding band selection may not be a one-day decision, visit a few stores, compare the prices, and make a reasonable choice.

One more precious advice is not to choose the ring in hot weather, in the morning and after the gym. Why? The reason is the physiological processes in your body. In these cases, your fingers may simply swell and so the chances to choose the wrong size are extremely high. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy An Engagement Ring in 2020?

Where to shop for engagement rings is a highly disputed question. Some say that a ring for engagement is such a valuable acquisition that offline stores are “honored” to be the only possible variant. The others label a physical store to be a thing of the past and choose online boutiques for a shopping destination. So we’re going to find the truth between the two and decide which one is the best place to buy an engagement ring.

Buying Engagement Rings Offline


  • Engagement ring shopping is a responsible process. It’s always better to choose the diamond in person to make sure the diamond is of good quality.
  • Offline jewelry boutiques rigorously select staff so you can always receive a piece of advice from the professional
  • An in-store-boutique is the best place to buy engagement rings simply because you can exchange the size any time you wish or come with your bride and choose a ring together
  • Unlike online shops, the in-person boutiques like Tiffany&Co make even the most expensive engagement ring affordable by offering a monthly credit plan
  • One more reason why the offline retailer is the best place to buy an engagement ring is that you don’t have to be anxious about the quality of the package and cross your fingers hoping that they put everything you asked or didn’t mistake your ring.


  • Offline stores spend lots of money on maintaining the image and thus their jewelry is more expensive
  • Compared to their online colleagues, physical stores don’t have such a wide selection of jewels for all tastes.

Buying Engagement Rings Online


  • Online stores usually save a great amount of money by not paying rent, hence, they offer the best deals on engagement rings
  • Have you ever felt like you’re literally ought to make a purchase when dealing with a sales consultant? In online stores, your interaction with vendors is minimized, so you’re free to surf through the websites without remorse 
  • Online sales have already moved onto the next level and decent jewelry stores always offer a lifetime warranty for their items.
  • While visiting jewelry stores may be a time-consuming process, it takes only a few seconds and few clicks to move from one site to another. This is a salvation for customers with a busy working schedule.


  • Online diamond purchasing is a huge risk. In this case, the customer rate is not the warranty of quality and credibility. Each diamond is unique, so only a professional jeweler can estimate its quality.

Best Engagement Rings Sellers

Already decided on ordering a ring on the Internet and looking for top places to buy engagement rings on the Web? You expect it to have a solid reputation on the market, reasonable prices and a good choice of diamond rings. Thankfully to you, we made an extensive search and made a list of the best stores to buy engagement rings. We took into consideration the variety of facts including professional opinions, real user reviews, and the site’s refunds policy so you can finally choose where is the best place to buy an engagement ring and enjoy hassle-free shopping experience.

Blue Nile

The history of the company started in 1995, but the Blue Nile that we know firstly appeared on the market in 1999. Settled in Washington, in 2015 it started opening the showrooms in New York and since that time that have showrooms in the biggest U.S shopping malls. The Blue Nile now sells the greatest amount of diamond jewelry in the world. Still, the biggest part of the company’s income comes from online sales.

What makes the company stand out is that it offers a more specific choice of diamonds. Here you’re unlikely to find thousand of ring types all of the different colors, shade a clarity, but rather classic models of the most popular ring types. It states to have a zero-tolerance towards low-quality diamonds and ensures that their customers get only the best diamond rings and consultation of a professional if needed. Besides, they undoubtedly provide their clients with 30-day supervision and guaranteed refund or exchange. 

You can hardly find any discontented Blue Nile clients. the customers are majorly satisfied with the site’s prices and staff attitude. 

James Allen

In 2019, James Allen was admitted to be the best diamond retailer and it firmly holds the position of being among the best places to buy an engagement ring. The company can boast of the genuinely large selection of diamonds. Here you will find a beautiful ring of any type. No problem if you’re a fan of a solitaire style, princess or pearl style of a wedding ring, maybe you want to stick to the classic or choose an original diamond, James Allen seems to offer a decent choice of best online engagement rings even for the most demanding couples. Multiple James reviews state that the shop has about 40% lower prices than any other diamond retailer.

The other great function that attracts potential customers to the site is that it offers a detailed 360 degrees HD overview for every single diamond they sell. This all gives the impression that the developers of the site worked hard to be on the top of the diamond retailers market. James Allen has a flawless reputation. You can consult their customer support service any time within the day that will help you in purchasing a fantastic ring for your sweetheart. Besides, they follow the latest trend for eco-friendliness and started selling artificially elaborated stones to cause less harm to the environment.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

Brian Gavin is a member of a family of diamond cutters that come from South Africa. This a legendary jeweler that turned his name into the trademark. The Brian Gavin company nowadays is probably the best place to buy diamond ring online. Once you are lucky to get to know the Brian Gavin store, you can be sure that there is no better place where to buy engagement ring. No other brand can compare to Brian Gavin’s high quality of diamonds, every stone offered in the store perfectly shaped to become a proper decoration on any girl’s finger.

Brian Gavi clearly understands the purpose of their work, their jewels are bought for special occasions and their engagement rings are highly popular for the proposals. The company’s diamonds are conflict-free, they’re all mined and crafted legally, no doubts, Brian Gavin company is a legit corporation. In addition, itself is excellently organized and easy to navigate that only enhances to site’s usability. 

What else encouraged us to include the company into the list of best places to buy engagement rings is its exclusive Hearts&Arrows Cushion cuts diamond and the large choice of elegant and classy emerald-cut diamonds.

White Flash

Fantastic choice of round, princess, cushion and many other diamond cuts is waiting for you in Texas. White Flash diamond retailer is a winner of the BBB Pinnacle Award and a member of the American Gem Society-a trading association comprised of the top jewelers of America and Canada. The in-stock spectrum is limited by only round and princess cuts, however, on their website, you can find a better variety of engagement rings. White Flash company is among the top ten places buy engagement ring and it proudly justifies its title.

First of all, to prove that White Flash is a great investment, we should mention that this is an official distributor of designer engagement rings that any girl would be happy to receive. One more reason why this is the best place to buy a diamond ring is the efficiently developed website, comfortably packed with HD overview of every diamond. Since its first introduction in 2000, the site was known as an expert producer and distributor of classy diamonds worldwide.


Looking for best place for engagement rings? Welcome to Leibish&Co. Not only it’s one of the best online jewelry stores, but also the company has showrooms in the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Shanghai, and India. Founded long ago in 1979 in Israel, the popularity of the company fastly went the rounds and now is known by almost every resident of any country. In the USA, the brand is especially in high demand, because it is aimed at selling fancy color diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones.

The company is serious about its customers’ safe purchases, that’s why in 2011 they implemented jewelry insurance. It’s worth mentioning that the company is constantly improving. in 2014 they rebranded their site and after that established partnership with Chinese colleagues to let the Chinese residents enjoy the high-class unique diamonds and fancy gemstones.


Who doesn’t know Amazon? The largest trading company selling all kinds of goods and rings for engagement is not the exception. You may be surprised to see the site in this list of best places to buy an engagement ring online, and frankly speaking, Amazon is a bit dubious place for purchasing an engagement ring. Of course, Amazon is a legend in online sales. It sells almost everything, clothes, electronics, accessories, and many other necessary or not items.

Critics say Amazon isn’t the appropriate platform for haunting for a diamond ring and thus they cite a range of examples to prove their words. However, the website has a solid reputation and is still good at offering a convenient delivery service.

If you are firmly intended on purchasing a ring on Amazon, we can recommend you be very or even excessively cautious. Amazon is a large and thus a bit messy online store. None of the diamond retailers are responsible for the quality of the rings they sell and can easily sell moissanite or cubic zirconia for the cost of a diamond. As you see, despite Amazon’s credibility is selling toys, clothes and home goods, unfortunately, this is not the best place to buy engagement ring. 

How to Save Money by Buying Engagement Rings Online

You imagine this exciting moment of a proposal when you’re standing on your knee somewhere under a starry sky of Paris and asking your honey to marry you. Being over the moon she says yes and you put a beautiful engagement ring on her finger. But if with Paris everything is cut and dry, a perfect ring is not easy to find. What style your bride-to-be prefers, what size she wears and where to purchase a ring and not go bankrupt?

Fortunately, we have prepared a little guide on how to save money by purchasing a ring for engagement online. Make yourself comfortable and go on reading!

Choose Reputably Sellers

Firstly, shop only in best places to buy an engagement ring. Yep, we know that reputable retailers may have higher prices than their less famous aides, but before throwing stones, let us explain to you one simple fact. In reputable stores, you pay for quality and confidence. You can be sure that they treat every order responsibly, deal only with legit sources and guarantee the customers a free care period. Stores like James Allen, Leibish and others on the list are definitely worth your attention.

Set a Budget

Secondly, decide on your budget. Go on for an engagement ring shopping journey without a budget determined is a failing plan. If you decide on how much money to spend, you’ll make the process go much faster. Besides, all the sites have a search filter, so you can easily narrow down the search and recline the rings that are way above your financial capacity.

No Credit Cards

Although this seems a great opportunity to buy an expensive ring from leading jewelry houses like Tiffany or Cartier, this is a way to spend almost twice more than a ring costs. Want to save money on buying the ring? Rely only on the finances you’ve already earned.

Consider Purchasing an Alternative Stone

Have you ever wondered why it always has to be a diamond? The story of this phenomenon traced long ago in history and there is really no need to dig into this, but you should know that emerald, sapphire, or any other gemstone in a wedding ring is not a crime.

Give Up the Carat Size

Did you know that all the diamonds are grouped into classes and each of them is assigned with a particular price category? The 1.49 and 1.5-carat sizes are in different groups, but look absolutely alike. Hence, if your girl wants a 1.5-carat diamond, you can save money and buy her a 1.49 diamond ring. The difference between the two is invisible for the eyes but significant for your wallet. 

Avoid Solitaire

This is the example of eternal classic and elegance. A round-cut diamond on a gold ring is the most sought-after variant among the couples and, hence, the most expensive one. If you’re looking for ways to save money, have your eyes on other fancy types. Thankfully, the best jewelers for engagement rings got them in abundance.

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring

Every man who is seriously intended on proposing to his honey wonders how much should an engagement ring cost. The price of a ring is a topic of heated discussions, some say that a young man has to spend a third more than his monthly income, but the reality is, hardly any man can afford to buy such an expensive ring. So let’s find out how much the wedding ring should really cost and how not to get bankrupt purchasing the biggest diamond in the boutique.

Average Engagement Ring Cost

According to Ritani, the average spent on engagement ring in the USA $7500. Surely, the price of this unconditionally important engagement attribute varies from region to region. In 2019, the survey was held which showed that Washington brides are lucky to be presented with the most expensive rings (more than $10000), while grooms from South Dakota spend the least. The average cost of an engagement ring in this state is about $3000. 

Popular Engagement Ring Types

The process of choosing a ring is an exciting experience. “How much should I spend on a wedding ring? What should it look like?” Minimalistic or pretentious? Restrained classic or flashy luxury? Every man has the own image of a perfect engagement ring that will surely make her say “yes”. Here is a mini-list of the most preferred engagement ring types. 

Solitaire Style

This is an obvious choice of minimalist admirers. A classy ring with a single diamond that radiates elegance and simplicity. A diamond is the main accent of a ring, no excessive decorations, nothing distracts from a majestic glow of a diamond on your bride’s finger.

Сluster Princess Style

A top trend for those who want to let their bride feel like royalty. A princess ring is made of a set of diamonds that create a perfect square cut. 

Three Stone Style

One of the most sought-after rings for several reasons. It’s a highly symbolic item with three precious stones that symbolize past, present, and future of your love. As usual, this type of ring is more affordable and allows you to make an unforgettable proposal for not all the money in the world. 

You’ll be surprised to know how much are engagement rings available in stores and online. There are more than 30 types of engagement rings and apart from the three described the Vintage, Halo, Pavé and so many more styles are also highly demanded among couples.

Engagement Ring Budgets

How much to spend on engagement ring to buy a presentable ring and not to remain without a single cent in the pocket? That’s the real food for thoughts. Spend twice as your monthly income, as some may advise, can hardly be a good idea. Forget about the so-called age the hotness rules, instead, focus on your financial possibilities. For example, the average ring budget for the UK is £573, at the same time the average engagement ring cost in the USA is $7550. Remember that prices of engagement ring should not be suspiciously low or you risk being deceived by fraudsters. All in all, love is not measured by carat size, color or money you spent on a ring.

Where People are Buying Rings

Offline Retailers

Yet, the average price for engagement ring in online stores is usually lower than in offline jewelry departments, nothing compares to choosing a diamond in person. Both luxurious boutiques like Tiffany or mass-market companies can surprise you with a vast selection of diamonds that will become a real delight for the eyes of your bride-to-be. 

For men who buy a ring by Tiffany& Co, the matter of how much to spend on wedding ring is not crucial. This a legendary company incredibly famous worldwide for the exclusive choice of pieces of jewelry that every girl dreams to wear. Tiffany symbolizes luxury, originality, and inspiration. Prices at Tiffany’s start from $1500 and reach over $100.000 for an extravagant model. In general, the average cost of engagement ring at Tiffany is about $7000. Tiffany’s rings are more affordable than it seems. In this chain store, you can find rings for all pricing segments and besides, the shop offers convenient payment options by providing monthly payment plans. 

Jared is an American jewelry house that specializes in producing and selling gold and diamond jewelry. Jared is a synonym for affordability, every year millions of customers turn to Jared store to purchase a nice diamond ring for a reasonable price. The store chain is easy to find in big shopping malls, you can meet Jared chain store everywhere you go and pop in to purchase precious gifts for any occasion. 

Online Retailers

The Web is a large and sometimes a messy trading platform. Nevertheless, purchasing online has become a part of everyday life. Purchasing jewelry online is a huge risk, so we strongly recommend using only reputable stores with convenient refunds or exchange options. Online retailers provide a decent selection of stunning rings of all types and for all tastes. Three biggest companies have established themselves on the market as being reputable and customer-friendly offering the buyers the best jewelry and classy services:

  • James Allen
  • Blue Nile

So, let’s have a brief look into the two and compare which one is better in terms of pricing, selection options, and customer satisfaction. 

James Allen

In 2020, James Allen is admitted to be the number 1 jewelry retailer on the Web. The customers are delighted with its fidelity to the quality and wide selection of engagement rings of Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. It’s all about the visual part of the site as it offers detailed photos of their diamonds. If you dream of presenting your girl with a fancy ring James Allen is an excellent choice.

Blue Nile

Compared to James Allen, the Blue Nile is a retailer that is aimed at only several ring styles. The reputation of the site goes without saying as the Blue Nile is a choice of thousands of men who prefer quality over quantity. The only complaint about the Blue Nile online retailer is the inconvenient website with a serious lack of professional pictures of the goods they offer. 

Leibish was founded long ago in 1979 and since that time has obtained an impeccable reputation of selling the best color diamonds. The company is an expert in selling exclusive diamonds of every color. 

“Rules” for How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

Are there any rules on how much should you spend on an engagement ring? Well, it turns out so. Although some of them are rather ridiculous, men still honestly believe that spending twice as their monthly salary on a ring is normal. This article is simply intended to debunk this myth and help you understand how much to spend on an engagement ring. 

#1 Your Budget

Deciding on your budget is, by far, the best thing you can do before going on to the jewelry stores. Moreover, spend some time surfing through online stores to see what you can buy for this money and choose the rings that you like the most to avoid tiring visits of a tenths shop without the slightest image of what you’re looking for. Here the basic tips to rely on if you want to determine the right budget.

#2 Financial Situation

This is, undoubtedly, a determining factor for most customers. A ten-thousand-dollar ring is hardly affordable for a guy who earns twice less. If you ever wondered why the cost of wedding rings is that high, you should traceback in 1940, when the jewelry companies persuaded the citizens that diamond was the only appropriate stone for the engagement ring. Frankly speaking, nowadays to lower the cost of engagement ring and make it affordable to the wider audience, the jewelers started using artificially elaborated cubic zirconia or natural sapphire for wedding rings. Engagement ring prices are different in the Nouth and Midwest, for example, they directly depend on the welfare of its residents.

#3 Partner’s Expectations

Planning the budget is a good start, but don’t try to minimize the expenses on the ring. However, would your fiancée like to know that you bought her the cheapest ring available? Surely, a lot depends on your partner’s expectations and taste. Why buy your sweetheart an expensive princess style if she prefers simplicity and minimalism or otherwise? An engagement ring is what is supposed to be an eye-candy, so consider her preferences before purchasing a ring.

#4 Meaningfulness of Ring

Carat size doesn’t matter if a ring has a special meaning for you and your bride. Traditionally, for engagement rings, the jewelers use white gold and a diamond of different shapes, colors, and clarity. However, a heavenly-blue sapphire or a green emerald cost less but may mean much more to your lady. 

3 Best Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

#1 Shop Online

Many offline jewelry stores developed an official website where the customers can choose and order an engagement ring from the comfort of their house. What is more, shopping online is a great opportunity to get an exclusive offer for expensive jewelry that may not be available in stores. Online shopping is now a way to save time and to save money either.

#2 Skip the Solitaire

The solitaire style is the round-shaped diamond that proudly decorates the white gold ring. Undeniably, it looks stunning. The round shape of a diamond is the most sought-after and hence the most expensive type of engagement ring. Obviously, the Solitaire style will definitely not help you to save money. Instead, you may purchase a heart, oval, marquise, or even a princess style ring. Treat the diamond choice seriously, make comparisons and learn more about the retailors that guarantee the high quality of their items and avoid solitaires if only this is not your lady’s dream.

#3 Give up a Fraction of Carat Size

The lower the size, the lower the price. No need to hunt for the biggest diamond in the store, all in all, your girlfriend will be so blinded by the happiness of the moment that the carat size will take a backseat. Wanna know one more lifehack on how to spend less money on purchasing a diamond for your honey? The truth is the jewelers divide the diamonds into groups based on their weight (f.e 1-1,49 or 2,50-2,99). that significantly differ with the price. What does that mean? The trick is that 1,49 and 1,5 carats look the same, but the last one costs much more. You save money without sacrificing the quality and the size of the diamond.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring from an Online Diamond Retailer

“How much should I spend on an engagement ring if I decided on purchasing it online?” As usual, the budget for rings from online retailers is lower than if you preferred Cartier, for example. Even though the brand matters, it’s not all about the brand name. The thing is, online retailers don’t pay rent, they don’t spend much on the decorations of the hall, and save up a great amount of money by reducing a staff quantity. However, purchasing diamonds online is a risky business, let us give you some pieces of advice on how to buy a ring from an online diamond retailer.

Choоse a Decent Store

No need to explain why websites with lots of spamming advertising that offer mind-blowing discounts are 95% fake that can leave you both without money and a ring or send you a piece of glass instead of a real diamond. Only the sites with appealing design and with positive reviews can be credible and guarantee the buyers the quality of the jewelry they sell.

Read Carefully the Refund or Exchange Rules

In case, you’re not satisfied with the purchase or changed your mind, you can return the ring to the boutique. A reputable and legal retailer always offers you the refine options, so pay attention to it before purchasing.

Learn About the Diamonds and Don’t Let the Retailer Scam You

A diamond is a precious stone that can’t cost cheap. Don’t blindly believe all that the vendors tell you, and rigorously choose the ring you’re going to buy. 

How to Purchase an Antique Engagement Ring?

There are a number of great reasons to think about buying an antique designer engagement ring. There is no question that jewelers today strive to offer consumers unique and modern selections, but many brides prefer the charm and elegance that is only offered by an antique. Another common reason that many people opt for an antique ring is that they offer a much higher quality diamond at a price that is lower than what they would pay for a new ring.

However, before you purchase any ring, there are certain questions that you need to consider.


Are you familiar with the four C’s? This is what determines the actual value of a diamond:

  • Clarity: This is the number and how visible flaws in a diamond are.
  • Carat: This is the total weight of the diamond you are considering purchasing.
  • Color: This is something that will be determined by your particular tastes.
  • Cut: Another factor determined by your taste. Princess cut antique engagement ring is one of the most popular. 

Difference Between Estate Ring and an Antique Ring

An estate ring is one that is less than 50 years old, while an antique ring is one that is over 50 years old. Antique rings tend to be much more expensive as they keep years of history but also convey the unique style of the era they have been created in. There are a number of eras that offer antique engagement rings, which include:

The Victorian Era

These types of rings typically pearls or diamonds that are set in rose or yellow gold. They range from intricate details to simple elegance and many people choose rose gold antique engagement rings. Pear shaped antique engagement ring is also a popular option.

The Edwardian Era

After the oxyacetylene torch was invented, the preferred metal for this period was platinum. Wedding bands from this era typically have pierced or lacy shapes, scrollwork, filigree detail and migrating.

The Art Deco Era

These rings feature a geometric and streamlined appearance. They also typically reflect styles from Native American, Asian and Egyptian cultures.

Where to Buy Antique Engagement Ring?

These types of engagement rings are able to be found in a number of different retail environments including vendors, auctions, pawn shops, estate sales, and antique stores. If you decide to purchase this type of ring, you should do so carefully and ensure that the ring you purchase comes with a full written description. Also, pay particular attention to choosing the antique engagement ring settings. You may also want to ask if it comes with any reports from certified gemologists, which ensures the jewelry that you have decided to purchase is actually what you are receiving.

Taking the time to find the right wedding ring supplier, like Crown Ring, will make things easier for a buyer. A professional will be able to guide a buyer into making the right purchase.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

If you are ready to pop the awaited question to your girl, do you realize that the ring you choose must be the one that will make her go ga-ga, forever? Read the article to learn how to buy an engagement ring online and where to buy diamonds online. 

One of the most common mistakes that grooms make is in hastily grabbing an engagement ring of their likes, with no consultation with their fiancé. Here are some tips for making it right.

Tips on Choosing Engagement Ring

Take Her to the Jewelry Store

Take your fiancé out for a cozy walk by a jewelry store and see what she glances at. Gradually, start enquiring about her tastes on ornaments as such. While strolling around the shop, tactically include questions about the type of engagement rings in the trend.

Talk to Her Best Friend

Converse to the next person your girl places the best in the world- Her BFF! Talk with her best friend to get a better understanding of your fiancé’s favorite engagement rings. Use her best friend to collect as much data as you can on your fiancé, akin to an intelligence agency!

Know Her Preferences

Now, time to design a special ‘description list’, containing all the intelligence data you collected for selecting the fitting engagement ring for your ladylove. Don’t forget to get her ring size! An example of the perfect description list is Rose Gold, 14K, Halo diamond, size 4, vintage setting.

How to Choose Engagement Ring Online

Now that you have all the ideas and information on the perfect engagement ring for your dream girl, brace your arms and start Googling for the perfect shop for your special engagement ring. With Google showing you zillions of jewelry stores, your head might start spinning with dilemmas. Moreover, you wonder, how do you trust any virtual page on your screen to give you a genuine diamond ring of your dreams? Will you land in a scam on your wedding? Conversely, will the shipment be delivered before your engagement? Will the ring look as promised? Will it fit your ladylove? Besides, due to any unfortunate reasons (heavens forbid) let alone she dislikes the ring, can you effortlessly return and replace it with another unique stone?

Research Popular Online Stores

The first step to start ideal buying a diamond online research is to take a look at the variety of diamonds and the diverse selection alternatives as well as sizes available. Secondly, but not the least in priority, take a look at the policies, terms, and conditions of the online Shoppe. Don’t just blindly feast on their highlights, but make sure to register their ideas in your head to settle for a day or as long as you need. Next, examine the shipment options with respect to your requirements – Could the delivery be at your doorstep while you are busy at the office? Alternatively, could it be forwarded to your fiancé’s address, accidentally? Will the shipment be delivered aptly before the engagement? Have you considered all options of insurance, refunds, replacements and guarantee certificates on your ring? Make sure to answer those questions before you buy engagement ring online.

The next step of buying engagement ring online is to surf the search engine to compare and check prices, customer service rate, ratings, quality quotients and contact info that are genuine, rather than just an unsourced forward to a call center or machine!

Lastly but most importantly, before checkout, ensure that the website has a web-secure connection that is genuine (not fishy in any form), certified and trustworthy, to avoid poplar skimming and other credit card or PayPal scams.

Read Reviews

If you want to buy a designer ring or engagement ring for a loved one, please visit the following sites, here’s the list of the brands you should definitely consider:

  • Blue Nile
  • James Allen
  • Tifani
  • Brilliant Earth

Another effortless yet fruitful research is to crosscheck what you understand with professional quality reviews from verified customers that are genuine and fail-proof, akin to the substantial reviews on online stores, genuine reviews are plenty online. Keep reading to know everything about buying ring online. Some appear as comments on forums while others appear on niche review websites, which provide information on everything you need to know about the quality and customer support ensured with the engagement ring order.

Most review websites encourage customers to provide detailed information on the complete experience with the product to help others determine trustworthy shops. Another smart way is to filter all reviews you find Pros and Cons to complete to your buy diamond ring online guide. Recommended sites who contain honest reviews are Diamonds Pro which is one of the most successful sites who review the Engagement rings industry.

Another one, fresh site is Diamonds Peace Army which writes unique reviews on those diamond stores, the big difference is that he writes the truth and the truth can hurt. Make sure to read those reviews to know how to buy diamond online. For example, Whiteflash which is a successful online Engagement store he decided to mention some of the complaints he found on the net on Whiteflash which is quite rare to find a blogger who writes the truth on this growing industry.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

If you are a United States citizen, BBB is the best for you to learn the status and process in detail of the complaints registered legally by verified customers. Make sure to check it before you decide where to buy engagement rings online.

Scams and Complaints

Although the best way to buy an engagement ring is to do this online, online scams are endless and it is confusing to determine a scammer as they are superbly brilliant about their disguise! Scammers often put up fake websites with genuine-looking photos of products and prices. If you order with them, the products never arrive and the website soon vanished with no trace and you are left with no recourse on getting your money back. Moreover, engagement ring frauds being an expensive deal each time can swindle you into irreparable debts!

Nevertheless, the good news is that most websites that offer reviews also provide a detailed report on the complaints voiced online by verified customers for a final verdict on whether the company is a scam or boon. Scams and complaints relevant to Zoara can be found only if one analyzes the truth based on the verified reviews and their rate of trust to infer if the company is scamming or not.

As for Complaints, pay attention to the unusual policies of the ads that say Create Your Own engagement ring. The truth is, scams can be identified by looking out for the refund and replacement options of the Shoppe. The policies will be fishy like that of James Allen that we have recently discovered. Our verdict on engagement ring buying guide is: Keep Calm and remember that there is a 99% chance that you will dig up the ideal ring of your dreams. However, you must first learn as much as you can about your preferred online website to be armed with genuine knowledge to not turn into a victim!

Choose a Gem

We have so many choices these days when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring. The options are more because everyone wants variety as they all want something that will make them look different. Deep in the hearts, everyone wishes that they should stand out among the crowd on special occasions like their own engagement. A sure shot way to get that extra edge is jewelry. This article will give a brief description of various gemstone engagement rings available in the market. So now you can pick the one that is the best for you.

Diamond Engagement Ring  

Now, many people have seen through the ploy and the tradition of the diamond ring seems to be weakening. There are many couples who are now opting for something other than diamonds for their engagement. The experts attribute this shift to many factors like difficult economic times, the awareness of blood diamonds, and a very primary reason lack of individuality that everyone looks for in their engagement ring. Also some consumers now also know that diamonds are in fact not so rare and that the prices are kept high artificially by the lobby that is in charge of distribution and supply of diamonds.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires have recently become a very popular option for engagement rings. In the past, this blue gem was seen as a heavenly stone and a sign of wisdom. People believed that wearing this gem improved the acumen of a person. There are also some traditional beliefs that make this gem as a sign of true love. SO, it is quite understandable that many couples and even the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles and then Prince William opted for a sapphire engagement ring.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement is the next most popular option after the diamonds. The ruby gemstones enjoy a lot of favor thanks to their color. We all know that the red color is most noticeable. That is the reason why it is seen as a sign of danger and even of passionate love. Association of red color with the feeling of love and passion makes it the perfect option for an engagement ring.

Emerald Engagement Rings

Though green color is seen as a sign of envy if you have seen an emerald stone you will agree that the sparkling beauty of this gem can turn everyone green with envy. So, for couples who are bold and love to do something daring and different, emerald can be the best option.

Now it is up to you to choose which of these gemstones you would like on your engagement ring. It’s a matter of personal preference as well as the budget. Though earlier people used to go to the jewelry store for buying the engagement rings now there are several online stores that have some of the best gemstone jewelry, please send us your feedback on our article Your encouraging words will help us in improving our services and collections.


Now you know all the details about the best online engagement rings, so don’t waste a minute of your time and get done with buying engagement rings online. Once you find the website that speaks the vibes of your heart, it will be easy to find the perfect ring to ask the most-awaited question to your lady love that will make her answer Yes with breathtaking awe!

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

With such a variety of diverse cuts, colors, and shapes, how do you decide on the sort of engagement ring that you suspect your mate could cherish? It can unquestionably be hard, anyhow you may as well know your better half fine by now to have in any event a remote thought of what sort of adornments they like.

In the event that you are fascinated by getting a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, there are a couple of gem specialists specifically that you are sure to need to look at, with the intention that you can discover the accurate yellow diamond pear shaped engagement ring you need and for the best conceivable cost simultaneously.

Choosing Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are searching for an object from olden time’s diamond engagement ring, this is a noteworthy place to begin. Blue Nile, Angara Inc,, etc. stores are the best that are eminent far and wide, and which could unmistakably be worth your chance to look at. They accord different types of diverse engagement rings, so regardless of the possibility that you are not totally beyond any doubt that you need to get a yellow diamond engagement ring, you can discover the ideal ring here, the singled out case that is sure to verify that she will declare yes. Their logic is truly effortless, and this is to accord excellent diamonds and fine gems at extraordinary costs. You will find nothing less than remarkable gems here, and all at particularly focused costs to boot.

Precious Stone Ocean

A different diamond setter that is globe-renowned worldwide and which you might experience for a yellow diamond engagement ring is Diamond Ocean. They are slight of a more up to date association, at the same time one that has as of now made a strong check in the industry and which you realize that you can trust into discovering the engagement rings and different adornments that you are searching for. Not just do they offer engagement rings, for example, the yellow diamond halo engagement ring but simultaneously pledge rings, celebration rings, men’s rings, right-hand rings, adventure rings, and trilogy rings.

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