3 Carat Diamond Ring

3 carat diamonds

In the USA, a diamond is an unspoken rule for the engagement ring. A three-carat ring has firmly grounded the market as a perfect ring for engagement that helps a man demonstrate status and a lady to see that she’s getting married to a generous male. In this article, we’ll reveal all the subtlety concerning this luxurious engagement attribute.

How Big Is a 3 Carat Diamond?

Most people have a slight image of the real dimension of the diamonds. To understand the dimension of a 3 carat diamond ring, A 3 carat diamond looks relatively big on a woman’s finger.

A one-carat diamond is approximately 6.4mm, so a diamond of 3.carat is about 9.4mm and weighs up to 600 milligrams.

In other words, its weight is equal to the weight of a raisin. Most women hail 3kt diamond rings to be too big for everyday wear, so they prefer putting it on only for a special occasion or to make her friends jealous, anyway, this is a generous gift that demonstrates your serious intentions.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Price

3 carats3kt diamond rings are an expensive purchase. It’s no secret that an engagement ring was always perceived as a demonstration of the financial capacity of a man. Diamond rings look decent and flawless throughout the years, this is why since the 19th century, the jewelers have persuaded men that diamond is the only appropriate stone for the engagement because it doesn’t only represent the financial welfare of a groom, but also symbolises eternal love and partnership.

Until the 20th century, the diamond was the most wanted gemstone in the world, diamond retailers created a powerful monopoly in the jewelry market of those times. Still, the USA is the most profitable market to purchase diamond pieces of jewelry. So how much will you have to give for a 3 carat diamond ring?

3 Carat Diamond Ring Price Depends on the Clarity, Color, and Type. Diamond is a rare gemstone that is revealed with magma that makes diamond mining a labor-intensive process and diamond itself a rare but popular gemstone.

The average 3 karat diamond ring price $18.000 and $25.000 for a stone of high-quality, however, some may be priced $90.000 and higher. 

Clear Diamond Costs More

A clear and colorless diamond costs more than those with a shade. Pay attention to the color scale, the most popular shades of diamonds are yellow, green, and pink. The red ones are the rarest in nature, so the cost of even the 1-carat red diamond can reach a few million dollars.

3 Carats Diamond Solitaire Costs More

Moreover, the 3 carats diamond solitaire is usually of a higher cost than the oval, marquise, princess or other fancy types. As usual, for the round-cut elegant stone, a customer will have to give 20-25% more. Undoubtedly, the 3 carat diamond cost also depends on a company, in the reputable brand boutiques like the Cartier the prices are often higher. And finally, what else you need to consider is the metal of a ring. When purchasing a diamond ring, not only do you pay for the diamond but the setting material, yellow gold is the cheapest metal for the jewelry while the platinum setting is the most valuable.

3 carat solitaire diamond ring price is $25.456 for a platinum setting and $25.251 for a yellow gold setting.

3 Carat Diamond Shapes

What is great about the 3 karat diamonds is that they can be purchased in any shape you wish. A diamond cut is a form of art. There is no universal diamond shape to satisfy all the tastes and what you need to remember is that the shape of the diamond directly influences the final price. Let’s have a look at the most often purchased ring types.

Round-Shaped Diamond

The undeniable leader is the round-shaped diamond with a white gold setting. A classic that will never go out of fashion and the favorite among customers. The round diamond looks stunning in all colors and clarity, besides, this an iconic model purchasing which is a way not to lose. This shape has the greatest reflection of the light, none of the diamond cut shines in the sun as beautifully as its authentic circular silhouette.

Oval-Shaped Diamond

The oval shape is a brilliant choice for the admirers of elegance and sophistication. Since ancient times, the oval shape symbolises immortality, fertility, and rebirth. An oval-shaped diamond can magically transform the brides’ fingers by making them more elegant and slender. Nowadays, oval is the symbol of stable relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect. One more secret about the oval shape of a 3-carat ring is that it makes the diamond look bigger than it really is.

Princess-Shaped Diamond

Princess shape is a sign of royalty and good taste. A diamond with pointed corners cut in a square which only adds the incredible sparking of a diamond. This is a second popular choice after the round, but in comparison, the princess shape is more favorable to your budget.

Marquise-Shaped Diamond

Marquise is the shape surrounded by lots of mysterious legends. They say it was created by Louis IXV of France long ago in the 18th century. The king was looking for the shape that resembled the lips of his sweetheart. This is the most romantic shape that made thousands of girls say yes. The 3 carats diamond marquise shape ring is rarely seen at proposals, and in some cases remains a bit underestimated.

What to Consider Before You Buy?

A 3-carat diamond ring is a significant purchase and the worst you can do is make the impulsive purchase. In this paragraph, we’ll give you some precious advice on what to consider before you buy a diamond ring. Of course, you won’t become an expert, but still, you’ll find out what to pay attention to and how not dishonest vendors trick you.

Credibility of the Store

Reputable jewelry shops mind the interior of the room, the consultants’ dress code and the image that a store creates when entered. Certificate matters. All diamonds should be certified by the GIA ( Gemological Institute Of America) or AGS (American Gem Society) certificate and should accompany any diamond you are going to buy. The other corporations have lost the customers’ trust after the latest Forbes investigation. Only certified diamonds are conflict-free, so are mined absolutely legitly according to law regulations. Moreover, the certificate is a guarantee of quality and origin.

The scientists now have created an eco-friendly way of synthesizing the gemstone with similar characteristics with diamonds. This is called cubic zirconia and this is a real breakthrough in the world of jewelry creation. Cubic zirconia is an artificial analog of a diamond that costs significantly less. Purchasing it is not a shame, but you should never pay for it the cost of a diamond. 

Clarity of a 3 Diamond

The experts define the VS1 and VS2  categories as worth purchasing, however, the best are those of VVS categories. The clarity can be easily analyzed by a professional because all diamonds have inclusions that cannot be spotted with the naked human eye. If you’re purchasing online pay attention to the warranty term and refunds conditions, the 360 degrees HD overview would be a privilege.

Where To Buy a 3 Carat Diamond Ring?

What are the best places to consider when purchasing a 3kt diamond? With the list of the most credible stores completed everyone can enjoy a safe and hassle-free diamond shopping experience. Most stores have both online and physical departments which greatly saves your time and only adds to the shops’ impeccable reputation.


Leibish.com is a world’s recognized expert in colored diamond selling. The place where you can step back from classics and choose a colored diamond in a classic round or marquise shape as well as a heart-shaped diamond. Leibish.com is a paradise for people looking for a 3-carat engagement ring to present it to their partner during the proposal. The company states that all their jewelry is made of 100% authentic natural colored diamonds of high value, quality, and reasonable price. The warranty covers each item the company sells making the customer feel safe about the purchase.


Which girl hasn’t dreamt of getting jewelry from Tiffany’s? Or let’s rather ask who doesn’t know about Tiffany & Co jewelry corporation? A fancy premium shop with the exclusive range of diamonds and worldwide popularity is among the top destinations to purchase a 3-carat diamond engagement ring. Tiffany offers rings for all tastes and budgets, some models cost less than $5.000, at the same time as the customer will have to spend over $90.000 for the exclusive ones. Tiffany wants to make its jewelry affordable for every customer by providing a monthly membership plan. A dubious way to save money but nevertheless a great chance to surprise your girl.


In no place on Earth will you feel like royalty more than at Cartier’s. Everything screams of the status and the high cost of the shop. First opened in France, the Cartier is worldwide famous as the center of luxurious purchases. What else to expect from a sought after brand among members of the royal family? Cartier is the shop for the wealthy, a place where you can relax with a cup of coffee while choosing a ring and a jewelry boutique where you pay not only for quality but for the name and image first.

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile is the favorite among people who respect quality for a reasonable price. First made up as an online-oriented chain store and founded in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, the Blue Nile company has extended the audience and opened 5 physical stores. Free shipping, a 15% discount for the first purchase and only conflict-free diamonds are the things that best characterize the Blue Nile corporation. For years in trading, the company has obtained thousands of positive reviews from both professionals and customers. In addition, the company is certified by the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) and also got the certificate by the GIA.

3 Carat Diamond Ring Ideas

A 3-carat engagement ring is a dream of the majority of girls. The bigger the diamond is the more it flatters and the harder it gets to adapt it to the everyday style. Here we want to enlist the best 3-carat diamond ring ideas for couples.

Round-shaped and cushion-shaped diamonds are eternal, the symbol of classics beyond time. No need to explain the reason for their popularity, really. Let’s have a look at some more ideas for a 3-carat diamond band.

3 Carats Pear Diamond Ring

The majesty of a sparkling diamond enhanced with a pave diamond ring looks charming together, especially in white or rose gold. Suggest buying the matching rings or purchase a bridal set to ease the search. A great idea for brides who don’t want to replace the engagement ring with a wedding band.

3 Carat Radiant Cut Engagement Ring In Platinum Setting

Platinum and diamond combination is truly charming. Imagine a unique 3-carat diamond in a 2.6 mm platinum setting adorned with a double or triple diamond raw all beautifully decorating your woman’s finger and reflecting in her shining eyes. A truly mesmerizing picture! 

3 karats Heart-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Platinum Band

It sounds like pure luxury! We borrowed this idea at Tiffany’s store and must admit it looks so mind-blowing! A glowing heart-shaped diamond surrounded by a set of diamonds on a platinum ring will leave any girl speechless. This ring is what your bride would never take off.

3 Carat Diamond in While Gold Ring 

The last idea is dedicated to simplicity admirers. No sophisticated designs, just a diamond that beautifully reflects the light in a white gold setting that only adds to the rings elegance. A  minimalistic ring adorned with your love and devotion is a real way not to lose!

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