20 Proposal Ideas for Any Budget

20 proposal ideas

If you’re reading these lines you must have already met your only one and now are thinking about how to propose. Well, you’re a lucky one, you’ve found the only guide you need. Hence, we draw your attention to the top 20 memorable but simple proposal ideas for any taste and budget. Expensive  Proposal Ideas

How to Resize an Engagement Ring

ring resizing

The proposal is an exciting and responsible stage in any couple’s relationships. Purchasing a ring is not only a matter of taste and finance but also you need to know what ring size your beloved wears. You’re a lucky one if you exactly remember her ring size. If no, you can pay a jeweler to

How to Tell if a Diamond is Real

real diamond

A diamond is a costly purchase. Heading for the gem, every customer wants to give money only for the high-quality gem and minimize the risks of being deceived by getting a cheap fake diamond. Hiring a jeweler expert may be expensive, thus, instead, we would like to offer you a guide into how to spot

3 Carat Diamond Ring

3 carat diamonds

In the USA, a diamond is an unspoken rule for the engagement ring. A three-carat ring has firmly grounded the market as a perfect ring for engagement that helps a man demonstrate status and a lady to see that she’s getting married to a generous male. In this article, we’ll reveal all the subtlety concerning

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

What is the difference between engagement rings vs wedding rings and is there any? Well, yes, there is a difference and the difference is significant. After you make a proposal, the preparation for the wedding begins. You have to choose a wedding dress, a location for the celebration, a honeymoon destination, and purchase wedding rings.

Where is the Best Place to Buy An Engagement Ring in 2020?

places to buy engagement ring

Where to shop for engagement rings is a highly disputed question. Some say that a ring for engagement is such a valuable acquisition that offline stores are “honored” to be the only possible variant. The others label a physical store to be a thing of the past and choose online boutiques for a shopping destination.

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring

how to much to spend on engagement ring

Every man who is seriously intended on proposing to his honey wonders how much should an engagement ring cost. The price of a ring is a topic of heated discussions, some say that a young man has to spend a third more than his monthly income, but the reality is, hardly any man can afford

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