20 Proposal Ideas for Any Budget

20 proposal ideas

If you’re reading these lines you must have already met your only one and now are thinking about how to propose. Well, you’re a lucky one, you’ve found the only guide you need. Hence, we draw your attention to the top 20 memorable but simple proposal ideas for any taste and budget.

Expensive  Proposal Ideas

#1 Rent a Luxurious Villa Somewhere in the Islands

If you two are passionate about sea travel and have some money to burn, head for the islands for the most unforgettable weekend ever. Hire a gorgeous villa with a landscape that looks like a fairy tale picture and spend there the most memorable vacation in your lives. Your lady would be delighted to know where you’re heading for. Enhance her impressions with the unforgettable proposal and be sure she’ll remember it for the lifetime. Expensive proposal ideas will never get out of trend. 

#2 Go for Treasure Diving in the Caribbean

Obviously, the Caribbean is not a cheap idea for a proposal. Get your future fiance to “treasure diving”. You can agree with local divers so they reliably hide the ring in a safe place until the romantic marriage proposal. This one of the most unique ways to propose and only imagine how proud your bride will be to tell her friends about the engagement and how pleased she would be to see what efforts you’ve made to organize such a stunning proposal.

#3 Keukenhof in Amsterdam

This location is for the most beautiful and romantic proposals men can ever make. The entrance ticket costs about $22 dollars, so why is it placed among the top 5 expensive proposal ideas? Why should a wealthy man make a proposal in a crowded tulip park? Rent the whole Keukenhof for a few hours and propose to your girl among the silent breathtaking beauty of the park. Your fiance will have no choice but to say yes.

#4 Get an Entire Secret Pool in Lake Mývatn, Iceland

What can be more luxurious than to rent the entire private pool in Iceland? The most unique experience starts with a private jet that allows you to see all the volcanoes, lava formations, and waterfalls in the region and finally takes you to a place of privacy and romance. This proposal idea is worth a single dollar you invest into it.

#5 Head to Venice 

Well, it’s not about proposing on one of the numerous bridges of Venice or on a gondola in the middle of the channel. For a rich man who feels no lack of money, there is one of the world’s most expensive restaurants that serve exclusive meals and provides the visitors with a sense of privacy as well. Just imagine you and your beloved are alone among the Italian beauty enjoying dishes for $10.000 and after that, you present her a sparkling diamond ring as a sign of engagement. Besides, you can grab a bottle of the restaurant’s specially produced wine as a remembrance of that magical moment.

Affordable Proposal Ideas

#6 On the Stage

If you both have a favorite band that’s coming with a show to your city, don’t hesitate. Make an agreement with the manager and security, get up on stage, and propose to your lady while all the thousands of people watching. Believe it or not, but this is one of the most memorable proposal ideas that any girl would appreciate. All you need is a romantic speech that will make your girl’s heart melt, a ring and someone to record this life-changing moment. If you’re too shy to get up to the stage or not ready to feel the frustration from the refusal, just choose a moment when your favorite song is playing in the background and propose to your bride-to-be. 

#7 Surprise Her With a Cute Pet She Was Dreaming Of

Looking for a cute way to propose to your girlfriend? We can offer you by far the best idea. Adopt or purchase a pet your honey always wanted, put a collar with “will you marry me” writing, and present it to your sweetheart. Wait until the euphoria fades and she notices your proposal, this would be a perfect time to present her an engagement ring. Let that cute pet be a symbol of a new stage in your lives. However, we don’t recommend implementing this idea unless you make sure that your beloved isn’t allergic to fur.

#8 Romantic Date on the Roof

The best engagement idea for those who want to make a special proposal for not all money in the world. Choose a spectacular location in your town, hire a team of a violinist, a waiter, a professional chef or order the delivery from a fancy restaurant, buy a bottle of your lady’s favorite wine and beautifully decorate the place. If you’re not a creative one, on Pinterest, you can find lots of ideas that any man can easily put into practice. Behave naturally, don’t give away even the slightest sign of excitement, and then let the ring be the brightest сhord of the evening.

#9 Organize a Romantic Photoshoot With an Unexpected Ending

The majority of girls love being photographed, especially with their boyfriends. No woman would resist a temptation to take part in a romantic photoshoot with a professional photographer. She will have her hair beautifully styled, makeup, and will dress with correspondense to the situation. In the middle of the process, pull out the engagement ring, and make a proposal. Ask a photographer to capture the moment, so you’ll always be able to show your friends and then kids the most exciting moment of your youth. 

#10 Take Her on a Romantic Journey Around the Native Town

Yes, you haven’t mistaken. We offer you to organize a romantic journey to the most memorable places in your relationships. Take your fiance to the place you first met, then to your favorite restaurant, take a walk in a park that you both enjoyed, and buy her a cute bouquet from a local florist. At the end of a route, offer her to start a very new journey as spouses. None of the marriage proposal ideas carry such deep meaning as this one. 

Creative Proposal Ideas

#11 Use Pictures

This way is among those marriage proposal ideas that will take some time,  patience and friends’ help. The best way to implement this idea is when a girl is away for a while. Find every single picture of you together and wallpaper your room with them. After the long-awaited “yes” you can add one more memorable episode to the collection.

#12 Create a Time Machine

No, we don’t ask you to join the circle of physicians and make the impossible invention to propose to your sweetheart. What we offer is to recollect the memories from your very first date and bring it to life again but with a different ending. Just imagine how close you’ve become since that time and how stronger your love got. A girl whom you didn’t even dare to kiss at that moment can now become your bride. 

#13 Immerse Into a Story of Your Relationships

Nostalgia is not the worst thing when it comes to a proposal. Relationships that lead to marriage are worth remembering so why not organize the evening of romantic recollections. Bring pizza and make it seem like you’re going to spend a cozy home date. Again, you may print pictures that were taken during the special moments of your relationships and offer your girl to remember when and how they were taken. Propose to her right after the last picture is discussed. 

#14 Organize a Flashmob

It takes lots of effort. It takes patience and accuracy to gather people together, to make everything go as you plan it, find the time and place, so nothing could go wrong no matter what happens. Only imagine how your bride will be delighted to see how many people are involved in her honor. On that day, the Earth is ought to revolve around your girl and she is ought to say yes.

#15 Turn Your House Into a Fairy Tale

The list of cute proposal ideas would be incomplete without the idea of creating a fairy tale inside your apartment. Wait until the sunset, turn off the light and light cute candles all over the house. Decorate your place with flowers and wait for her in the room with a gorgeous bouquet and a diamond ring. Your bride will certainly melt at that moment. Make sure you have a camera to capture the moment.

Classical Proposal Ideas

#16 Near the Eiffel Tower

What girl hasn’t dreamt of going to Paris and receiving a proposal near the Eiffel Tower? You can make your sweetheart’s dream come true. Book a decent hotel with a view for the Tower, buy a fancy ring and propose to her under a starry sky of the French capital.  Paris has never been among unique proposal ideas, we’d rather call it the eternal classic and so a way not to lose to get an awaited yes.

#17 Reach the Highest Place in the City

Surely, your lady will be hardly surprised if you take her to the observation deck in your town, so in case you’ve some money to spend, organize a trip to the city she’s never been to before. Wait till the sun starts to set and leave her to admire the landscape. Get down on one knee and ask your soulmate to turn around. Such a romantic gesture will not leave her indifferent. 

#18 Proposal at a Fancy Restaurant

Bet, you’re not surprised to see a restaurant in the top 20 best ways to propose. This is no weird why so many grooms-to-be choose this location for a proposal. An expensive restaurant is not the place you choose for a usual date. It requires a dress code and adds solemnity to the situation, making a lady perceive it far more seriously. Exquisite dishes and a cozy atmosphere will only predispose you to propose to your beloved. She will feel like a character of one of those romantic movies she used to watch as a child.

#19 Valentine’s Day Proposal

Probably any girl in long-term relationships expects Valentine’s Day to change her marital status. She wants her boyfriend to make up his mind, purchase a proposal ring, and ask if she would become his Mrs. Thus, Valentine’s day has already become the most appropriate moment to propose. 

#20 In a Family Circle

There are no engagement ideas that would be easier to implement than a proposal during a family gathering. Inform parents about your intentions, invite them for dinner, and make sure they will all be silent about the upcoming event. Feel the appropriate moment to pronounce a touching speech, get on one knee, and put a fancy ring on your lady’s finger. Parents will feel boundlessly happy to be present at such an important event in their children’s lives.

Closing Word

Regarding everything mentioned above, we would like to emphasize on the importance of choosing the right idea to propose to your potential bride. There’s no good or bad way, rely on your financial capacity and do it as you feel it should be done. You were given a list of top 20 best proposal ideas, and free to choose any of them. Keep in mind that only you know how to make the proposal moment genuinely touching and memorable. 

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  • Adam Vong says:

    I propose ty my girlfriend in Paris by the Eiffel Tower and it was the most romantic moment of our lives! I was trying to choose the best way to propose for a couple of months but ended up with this classy way proposal idea. So you guys need to include that to your list 🙂

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