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The tradition of presenting a diamond ring as a sign of commitment is making history every day. A diamond ring in the due course of time became a symbol of love, devotion, eternal relation, and a strong bond. From royals to celebs and ordinary flock, diamond engagement baubles are the first bling love of every lady. While writing this detailed engagement ring guide we used our deep knowledge in order to help you learn how to buy engagement ring for your girlfriend so you have all the needed knowledge before going engagement ring shopping

A diamond engagement ring is something you never want to get wrong, so it’s important to learn how to buy an engagement ring and choose the best place to buy engagement ring. It is not only that you would part with a substantial amount of money but it will also be your symbol of forever love and commitment.

Being such important diamond rings for women deserve great concern and attention. Not only do you have to research the best style but you also have to understand the quality parameters that are required in basic engagement rings so you know how to pick an engagement ring. Keep reading this article on how to shop for engagement rings and choose the best place to buy engagement ring.

Learn About The 4 Cs

When you enter into the world of diamonds, a lot of brilliance and fire will welcome. But this could confuse you so before stepping further get a bit friendly with diamonds Diamonds are the hardest gemstone on the planet. A range of variety in the rock could be found in the market. The quality of diamonds is decided on the basis of 4Cs. But eventually, a fifth c is also important. All these quality checks are Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat and now Certificate.


A diamond with exceptional clarity in D color of more than a carat is quite rare and cost a fortune. The color scale for colorless diamonds ranges from D as colorless to Z as yellowish color. As you from Z to D the color hints disappeared and the rock becomes colorless. Such a diamond is exceptional as it allows maximum light to pass through the stone without hindering the path by any color patch.


The inclusions in the stone are checked to grade the clarity. A diamond free from any inclusion is graded as Flawless. It is extremely rare to find. Normally in jewelry, Very Slight inclusions are acceptable.


Although the cut of a diamond depends on our personal choice, you can’t take it very lightly. A fine cut helps in maximizing the brilliance and fire and it also improves the clarity. Brilliant cut, step cut, and mix cut are the different ways you can cut a diamond.


Carat measures the weight of a gemstone and it is the most visually apparent factor while choosing the diamond and comparing it with the others. The carat consists of 200 milligrams and each carat is subdivided into 100 so-called “points”. This metric is used in order to make the measurements very precise. 


Although only these are the four basics to know about diamond quality, the fifth one is a certificate that includes all these to make you clear and satisfied before you consider buying engagement ring. A diamond grading certificate is issued by a professional gemologist. This is done by a certified laboratory or a trained gemologist who after testing your diamond would grade it. A certificate explains the quality of the diamond and it proves that what you are paying for is worth it. Now that you have understood the basics of diamonds and, let’s learn how to choose an engagement ring and what is the best time to buy an engagement ring.

Know Her Preferences

As she has to wear it forever, the ring must be of her choice. The best thing is to let her choose the ring, but if it is a surprise then it is good to be more observant.

  • Try to get her views about an engagement ring.
  • Ask her family and friends to help you.
  • Check her jewelry box to know her favorite styles and settings.
  • See if she wears gold or platinum frequently or if she likes bold designs.
  • Find out her ring size.

Choose Style and Design

First, pick a style on the basis of your conclusions. It could be a vintage-inspired style or a classic look. If bold and elaborated bling is her choice, choose antique and unique engagement rings. They are in trend and the glamour they display is unmatched. But if a simple yet sophisticated touch is all she needs for her special ring, the solitaires, three-stones or accent charms are perfect.

When you go out to get an engagement ring, you surely want to pick the best to show your love and commitment. Diamond modern engagement rings offer a unique look and are a perfect way to express your feelings. These rings are the talk of the town as they have a personalized touch to them. You can get a ring designed by a popular designer or can also get it designed for yourself at the various online stores that offer you this option.

Consider Designer Engagement Ring

Designer engagement rings have the beauty of their own; it is something that only you possess and is not to be found with anyone else. These rings are popular due to their quality and exceptional designs and can be a bit expensive. Some of the big popular brands that offer a range of good engagement rings for both men and women include Cartier, Tiffany, James Allen, Tacori, Zales and Verragio. Each of these has something distinctive to offer to the buyers.

If you want to get a ring designed and custom made for yourself, you need to find a good designer for the purpose. You can select a designer by checking their portfolio and what kind of work they have previously done. After you have finalized a design engagement ring, you can sit with him and discuss the design options you have in mind and he can guide you for the same. For a perfect designer ring you will have to decide upon the metal choice, type of Diamond or gemstone and its cut and also on the flawless engagement ring settings only for a classic look. The designer can come up with various suggestions to bring out unique rings for women.

Designer diamond engagement rings are becoming a rage among young couples. Designers today are also coming up with affordable rings options to suit everyone’s budget. These rings are one-off and the exclusivity they have made them special. Also, these rings engagement are inspired by your love for each other.

Choose the Metal

By her collection, you must have understood her metal choice. So if she likes white than metal platinum or white gold engagement rings are your options. Yellow gold is the universal metal but rose gold could also be a pretty option. You can even think about two-tone rings. They are really subtle and unique.

Choose the Setting

Deciding the setting is another pulsating matter. There are numerous settings for diamonds. Choose the one that suits your rock. Prongs and bezel are the more common settings followed by channel, pave and pressure setting. Also, pay special attention while choosing the best engagement ring brands that would look great on your girlfriend and would suit her lifestyle.

Choose the Gemstone

Engagements are special and should be celebrated in style. Undoubtedly, rings are the most crucial part of this ceremony. Traditionally, diamonds are believed to a girl’s most cherished and loved possession. But contemporary brides-to-be are different. They prefer choosing the rings that add to their style and reflect their persona. Gemstone rings can be the best option for them. Rings studded with a sparkling gem can be the perfect selection for the most special day of your life. Apart from their mesmerizing beauty, gemstone rings are enriched by many cosmic properties that can make your relationship stronger forever. The main  varieties of gemstone  rings that you can gift to your girl are:

Diamonds Engagement Rings

One of the most preferred options for classic engagement rings is diamonds. The reasons are many like they are very durable besides being the most expensive precious stone. It is believed that wearing a diamond gets you an entry into the elite club. Also, there have been times in history when only the royals had the right to wear this stone so now everyone wants to feel like royalty and diamond is the best option. Diamond engagement rings for women have been and still are the first option that comes to mind when one thinks of best engagement rings. But this is the very reason why many people have now stopped opting for diamonds because now diamond has become a common option. That is why many people have now started opting for engagement rings with colored gemstones.

As we have already mentioned the qualities, decide a piece on its basis. And while choosing the cut, be clear about your criteria. If you want extreme brilliance and fire then a brilliant-cut in round or oval shape is the best. But if it is also about clarity then princess cut or radiant cut is a superb choice. Similarly, when clarity is the utmost concern, go for Asscher or emerald cut engagement rings.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires have recently become a very popular option for engagement rings. In the past, this blue gem was seen as a heavenly stone and a sign of wisdom. People believed that wearing this gem improved the acumen of a person. There are also some traditional beliefs that make this gem as a sign of true love. SO, it is quite understandable that many couples and even the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles and then Prince William opted for a sapphire engagement ring.

With its distinctive blue color and flawless shine, blue sapphire is one of the rarest and finest gemstones. It is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. The deep violet hue of this gemstone is allured for its mesmerizing beauty. Prefer them in any cut or style, they look beautiful always. Blue sapphire with diamonds can look absolutely stunning in a three-stone ring setting. It benefits the wearer in many ways. It can bring happiness and prosperity to her life. Probably, these are the most important gifts that you wish to give her!

Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings

Intricately cut yellow sapphire with brilliant color and spotless sheen is a rare find. When you gift it as the engagement ring, it becomes priceless. The classic beauty and amazing properties of this gemstone have allured the humans since ages. With its sunny yellow color and high clarity, this gemstone also has a high rating of hardness just like its sibling, blue sapphire. Rings studded with this gemstone can bring trust, love, and contentment in a relationship. You can prefer it in any beautiful cut and setting to bring a sunny smile on her face.

Emerald Engagement Rings

With its lush green color and amazing transcendental properties, emerald is an immaculate choice for the cool engagement rings. This gemstone is revered for its exceptional physical and cosmic properties. With its vivid color and high clarity, it can be studded in precious gold or platinum for designing a special ring for a special person. Emerald rings can bestow the wearer with contentment and marital bliss.

Ruby Engagement Rings

When it comes to select engagement and wedding rings, Ruby is known as an obvious choice. This charming red-colored gemstone symbolizes true love that makes it the Gem of the Heart. Its sparkling color and flawless beauty are always admired by the women. Deep red tones of ruby represent an enigmatic charm that is complemented by its plush setting in precious metal. Rubies engraved in sterling silver, platinum, and gold become the cherished heirlooms with their finesse. As an engagement ring, this priceless gem exudes a distinctive aura that is unmatchable.

Amethyst Engagement Rings

The mystifying beauty of Amethyst has always charmed women. This stunning gemstone has a bright purplish color and amazing properties. When set in a halo ring, Claddagh ring, heart-shaped or clustered design, it looks absolutely beautiful. Amethyst represents true love and deep faith. Both these attributes can make a relationship special. Hence, unusual engagement rings studded with this gem can become your bond of eternity with ease.

Garnet Engagement Rings

As a silicate mineral gemstone, garnet is available in a variety of colors. You can choose her favorite color in garnet engagement rings and impress her with your selection. Its most common color is the deep reddish hue and other variants include garnets in pink, orange, purple, brown, black, green, blue, and yellow. It possesses amazing transcendental properties. It represents affection and compassion making it perfect for celebrating the most special bond of your life. Another distinctive feature of these rings is the cost-effectiveness that they bring to your wedding budget.

Natural Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearls are the most precious gifts given to us by Mother Nature. This organic gemstone has a timeless beauty and enticing charm embedded into it. Natural sea pearls are highly revered to be used as a perfect engagement ring. When cut as a cabochon and set as a standalone gem in sterling silver or platinum, the natural pearl exudes a lustrous shine that is adored by every woman. You can prefer them in a simple setting or a stylish design complemented by other colored gems. It looks absolutely mesmerizing in every design.

These are some of the most preferred, loved, and admired varieties of gemstone engagement rings. Before buying an engagement ring, it is necessary to choose the gem that will suit the wearer. Hence, buy them after consultation with an astrologer. After you have decided about the preferred gemstone, set aside a budget to choose the metal and design that fits into it. With thoughtful planning, you can definitely impress your lady with the most beautiful ring that is handpicked for her.

How to Buy Engagement Ring

When you feel it is the right time to propose to the love of your life and you step out to shop for the best diamond engagement ring for her, you need to take care of certain tips, which can result in the best ring for her. Additionally, planning in advance and being a little thoughtful, you can do it without breaking your bank.

Without further ado, we will share with you tips about how to buy a perfect diamond engagement ring for her:

#1 Set Your Budget

We know that it is a ring for lifetime and she is going to wear it every single day of her life, we also know that it carries million feelings and love; but it is not a good idea to invest all your savings on one thing. According to a popular habit, a salary of three months is enough to buy a reasonably good diamond engagement ring. Still, if you feel to spend more, break your savings but don’t forget to leave a fair amount for the future as well.

#2 Shortlist Ring Type and Metal

Before going out shopping, just sit back and shortlist which type of diamond rings is best to propose to her. Whether she will like a solitaire ring, a three stone ring or a cluster ring and so on. Also, think about the metal type if a yellow gold ring will please her or white metals like platinum or white gold will suit her the best. Studying and short listing these will save your time and also save you from unnecessary confusion.

#3 Color

Gone are the days when just white diamond was the foremost choice for engagement rings; with changing time and trends, girls like to flaunt their colored diamond engagement rings. If your girl is a white diamond fan, then you can sit back and relax, but in case she loves the natural hues in diamonds, please study it in detail and pick the diamond color according to her taste; after all she will wear it all life.

#4 Decide Your Shopping Style

There is absolutely no need to hunt for your ring both in the online world and traditional brick and mortar shops. Just decide on one of these. If you like the traditional way and feel like going out and visiting various shops and then finalizing the special ring, it is completely up to you. Better way will be to sit back at the ease of your home, visit the most popular and genuine online jewelry websites like and pick your ring. This will not only save your time and energy but also let you easily compare the rates of various websites and choose from the best one.

Challenges in Shopping for Gemstone Ring

However buying a gemstone engagement ring is not so easy. The biggest challenge is that the jewelry industry has not been very enthusiastic about marketing colored gems for engagement rings. So while diamonds are readily available very few retailers deal I gemstone jewelry. Celebrity couples usually buy a colored stone from a specialized gems dealer and then get it set by a jeweler in a design of their choice.Though how some stores are offering this facility to their customers. These customized rings are really exclusive.

Another challenge is that not all gems are strong enough to be worn on a day to day basis, so it is advisable to check out the qualities of the stone before opting for the ring. Based on hardness and durability the top choices are ruby and sapphire. Other suitable choices include garnet, aquamarine, tanzanite etc.

Propose to Her

We hope that above handy tips, go a long way in helping you pick the best diamond engagement ring for her.  And now that you have the beautiful piece of your dreams in hand, don’t wait for a second, Propose her! As diamonds represent love, commitment, faith and eternity, she will understand your sentiments without a whisper when the ring will be there.

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