The Beauty of Sapphires

Sapphire is the most significant stone and it is available in different colours that is pink, blue green, yellow, purple, green, orange, black, etc. Having a hardness of nine on the Moh scale, sapphire is extremely tough as well as durable and is perfectly suitable to be used in all types of jewelry. Yellow, pink, blue and ruby are some of the treasured and popular varieties of Sapphire gemstones.

Sapphires can be heat treated, and diffused with beryllium or irradiated to enhance their blue brilliance. However, the naturally occurring sapphire gems are the most valued. One of the largest blue sapphires ever found was discovered in Sri Lanka. The weight of that gem was about 42 kilograms.


The uses, price as well as the value of sapphire gems vary greatly on the basis of the quality and size of the particular gemstones. This gemstones will definitely impress you once it will be fixed in jewelry, whether it is a ring, a necklace or a bracelet.

The lose sapphire gems is used for creating the finest pieces of stone jewelery. You will just love it in a combination with white-gold, yellow-gold, platinum or silver jewelry. You can also create your own exclusive high quality earrings, rings, pendants, etc and discover the thrill yourself. For creating fine jewelry you need the finest gemstones. The best way to get a good deal in blue sapphires is buy wholesale blue sapphires from Thailand online.


Sapphire gem is valued basically for its color which looks very attractive. More saturated the shade, more valuable the stone would be. However a muddy or inky stone is just undesirable. The clarity of a stone might even affect the prominent tone.

Color is the sole most significant factor for stating the value of a sapphire. In fact, the shade of sapphire is even more significant s compared to its clarity. Sapphire is clean rarely and also quite an expensive stone. Very subtle differences in the color may make huge variations in the valuation of fine stones. Fine and loose stones of nice color as well as clarity are rarely found and are quite valuable too. Extremely saturated mid or mid dark tone is the best. Sapphires that are extremely dark or extremely light should not be considered.

The term “Sapphire” originates from Greek term “Sapphires”, which means “blue”. However, the sapphire gemstones available in a number of colors including yellow, pink, orange, black, green, color change, violet, purple, blue, and the rarest orange pink and Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone.

Padparadscha has come from the Sinhalese term which means “color of lotus”. Sapphire other than pink, blue, yellow, orange and green are generally known as “Natural Fancy Color Sapphire”. The red hues are a result of the traces of Chromium. Greater the concentration of the oxides, deeper will be the color.


Rounds, ovals, emeralds and cushions are some of the common cut shapes for sapphire gem because of the typical shapes of the rough of sapphire. Some other famous shapes are briolette, pears, marquises and hearts. The star sapphire is cut into the shape of a for developing and displaying the effect of a star.

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that...

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that...

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