How to Pick the Best Proposal Ring

Are you planning to propose her this Valentine’s Day? If you have decide to make it official, you have less time to plan and there is a lot of stuff to figure out. From a perfect proposal plan to the engagement ring, everything has to be ideally matching the ‘Day of Love’. It is difficult to explain the roller coaster of emotions you might be going through but once you figure out what she likes, things will get easy.

How to Pick the Best Proposal Ring

We don’t want to share stuff that makes you an amateur gemologist or let you driven by someone else’s ring buying experience (that might not went well). The tips and ideas given below will surely ease the process while making you more confident about your selection.

Set a Budget That Don’t Sting

Your two months’ salary is considered standard for the budget. However, you are not bound to stick to this rule. Spend within your means. More preferably, set a comfortable budget. With a variety of options, it is easier to find a ring perfect ring without breaking the bank.

Understand What She Wants

Look at her style and listen to her carefully to know her ring taste. You don’t like jewelry but surprisingly you start taking interest in conversations about the bling thing. That is good. Observe what style she often flaunts. Does she have more vintage pieces or contemporary items? White gold, yellow gold or blend of different metals? You can also look into her collection. Even better – take some photos to show an expert for advice. Turning her family and friends into your accomplices is another good option to know her style.

Know the Ring Trends and Terms

This is important. Unless you have a good command on jewelry terms and trends, you cannot make a rightful decision. Start with the center rock. Generally, its diamond but these days more brides-to-be are inclined towards colored stones such as emerald, sapphire or ruby. For a more safer and classic approach consider a ring with diamond accents like the ruby diamond engagement ring Eva Longoria has received.

A Brief Lesson on Gemstone and Jewelry is Helpful

All stones have certain grading criteria. The four Cs for diamonds are different from colored stones. It is good to get preliminary knowledge of your gemstone’s cut, clarity, color and carat. Go online and search for 4C guidelines. Stone shape, metal and setting are other factors to look. Remember, your engagement ring is an expression of your emotions, so be very careful with your choice. For example, three stone engagement rings reflect past, present and future; halo design represents eternal brilliance and rings with side stones tell that you take care of even the smallest of her desires and needs.

Go Beyond the Conventional

Diamonds are a traditional choice for engagement rings. However, they are not the only stone that flatter a girl or has a strong association of eternal marital bliss. Sapphires, emeralds and tanzanites are other promising Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her. With the increasing trend of non-traditional rings, more brides-to-be are choosing colored rocks. You can choose a classic solitaire. However, if you still want to infuse the brilliance of diamonds, go for a vintage design with diamond accent detailing. A ruby diamond halo engagement ring is a perfect example for you.

Think of You As Well

Many couples like to match their wedding bands. If you are one of them, choose design and metal that best suit her taste as well as fits into your accessory criteria. for instance, if you choose a ruby wedding ring set in white and rose gold setting, you have an option to choose white gold band to match her ring.

Shop Online

There are over 500,000 engagement rings online instead of just few hundred in stores. If you want to buy the best in class piece that is unique, stylish and affordable, shop online from a trusted, authentic store. If you want a personalized piece, they also offer complete customization that includes everything from creating a new design to choosing a gemstone and setting that best display your love.

Protection is Important

You have spent considerable money, time and thoughts into the commencement of that ring. What if it gets lost? She will wear it forever, therefore get it insured. Check if your jeweler has any insurance plan, or you may include a jewelry protection clause into your home or rental insurance.

Making the decision was easy but finding the ring is tricky. However, the ideas above will definitely help you get the best of both the worlds for her.

All the best with your ring shopping! You can always look forward to us for any kind of assistance. Simply drop your question or comment in the comment section below.

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that...

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that...

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