How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

It was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian gave a diamond engagement ring to his bride-to-be. Since then the tradition of presenting a diamond ring as a token of commitment is making history every day. A diamond ring in the due course of time became a symbol of love, devotion, eternal relation and a strong bond. From royals to celebs and ordinary flock, diamond engagement baubles are the first bling love of every lady.

A diamond engagement ring is something you never want to get wrong with. It is not only that you would part a substantial amount of money (good quality diamonds demand good price) but it will also be your symbol of forever love and commitment.

Being so important a diamond ring deserves great concern and attention. Not only that you have to research the best style but you also have to understand the quality parameters and other factors that are must require in a diamond engagement ring.

Knowing the Diamonds

When you’ll enter into the world of diamonds, a lot of brilliance and fire will welcome. But this could confuse you so before stepping further get a bit friendly with diamonds.


Diamonds are the hardest gemstone on the planet. A range of variety in the rock could be found in the market. Quality of diamonds is decided on the basis of 4Cs. But eventually a fifth c is also important. All these quality checks are Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat and now Certificate.

A diamond with exceptional clarity in D color of more than a carat is quite rare and cost a fortune. The color scale for colorless diamonds ranges from D as colorless to Z as yellowish color. As you from Z to D the color hints disappeared and the rock becomes colorless. Such a diamond is exceptional as it allows maximum light to pass through the stone without hindering the path by any color patch.

The inclusions in the stone are checked to grade the clarity. A diamond free from any inclusion is grades as Flawless. It is extremely rare to found. Normally in jewelry, Very Slight inclusions are acceptable.

Although the cut of a diamond depends on our personal choice yet you can’t take it very lightly. A fine cut helps in maximizing the brilliance and fire and it also improves the clarity. Brilliant cut, step cut and mix cut are the different ways you can cut a diamond.

Although only these are the four basics to know about diamond quality, the fifth one is certificate that includes all these to make you clear and satisfied about your purchase. A diamond grading certificate is issued by a professional gemologist. This is done by a certified laboratory or a trained gemologist who after testing your diamond would grade it. A certificate explains the quality of the diamond and it proves that what you are paying for is worth it.

Now that you have understood the basics of diamonds, focus on designing the ring.

Get the Idea

As she has to wear it forever, the ring must be of her choice. The best thing is to let her choose the ring, but if it is a surprise then it is good to be more observant.

Try to get her views about an engagement ring.

Ask her family and friends to help you.

Check her jewelry box to know her favorite styles and settings.

See if she wears gold or platinum frequently or if she likes bold designs.

Find out her ring size.

Design the Ring

Once you’ll have sufficient information, make different sets of it.

Choose the style & design


First pick a style on the basis of your conclusions. It could be a vintage inspired style or a classic look. If bold and elaborated bling is her choice, choose antique engagement rings. They are in trend and the glamour they display is unmatched. But if a simple yet sophisticated touch is all she needs for her special ring, the solitaires, three-stones or accent charms are perfect.

Choose the metal

By her collection, you must have understood her metal choice. So if she likes white metal platinum or white gold are your options. Yellow gold is the universal metal but rose gold could also be a pretty option. You can even think about two-tone rings. They are really subtle and unique.

Choose the diamond


As we have already mentioned the qualities, decide a piece on its basis. And while choosing the cut, be clear about your criteria. If you want extreme brilliance and fire then brilliant cut in round or oval shape is the best. But if it is also about clarity then princess cut or radiant cut is a superb choice. Similarly, when clarity is the utmost concern, go for emerald cut or asscher cut.

Choose the setting


Deciding the setting is another pulsating matter. There are numerous settings for diamonds. Choose the one that suits your rock. Prongs and bezel are the more common settings followed by channel, pave and pressure setting.

Propose her


Now that you have the beautiful piece of your dreams in hand, don’t wait a second, Propose her! As diamonds represent love, commitment, faith and eternity, she will understand your sentiments without a whisper when the ring will be there.

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that...

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that...


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