Gemstone Engagement Rings and Options

We have so many choices these days when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring. The options are more because everyone wants variety as they all want something that will make them look different. Deep in the hearts everyone wishes that they should stand out among the crowd on special occasions like their own engagement. A sure shot way to get that extra edge is jewelry. This article will give an brief description of various gemstone engagement rings available in the market. So now you can pick the one that is the best for you.


One of the most preferred option is diamonds. The reasons are many like they are very durable besides being most expensive precious stone. It is believed that wearing a diamond gets you an entry into the elite club. Also there have been times in the history when only the royals had the right to wear this stone so now everyone wants to feel like royalty and diamond is the best option. Diamond engagement rings have been and still are the first option that comes to the mind when one thinks of engagement ring. But this is the very reason why many people have now stopped opting for diamonds because now diamond has become a common option. That is why many people have now started opting for engagement rings with colored gemstones.


Ruby engagement is the next most popular option after the diamonds. Ruby gemstones enjoy a lot of favor thanks to their color. We all know that the red color is most noticeable. That is the reason why it is seen as a sign of danger and even of passionate love. Association of red color with the feeling of love and passion makes it the perfect option for an engagement ring.


Sapphires have recently become a very popular option for engagement rings . In the past this blue gem was seen as a heavenly stone and a sign of wisdom. People believed that wearing this gem improved the acumen of a person. There are also some traditional belief that makes this gem as a sign of true love. SO, it is quite understandable that many couples and even the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles and then Prince William opted for a sapphire engagement ring.


Though green color is seen as a sign of envy but if you have seen an emerald stone you will agree that the sparkling beauty of this gem can turn everyone green with envy. So, for couples who are bold and love to do something daring and different, emerald can be the best option.

Now it is up to you to choose which of these gemstones you would like on your engagement ring. It’s a matter of personal preference as well as the budget . Though earlier people used to go to the jewelry store for buying the engagement rings but now there are several online store that have some of the best gemstone jewelry, please send us your feedback on our article Your encouraging words will help us in improving our services and collections.

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that…

I am SEO consultant and frequently writes about jewelry updates. If you have any question regarding SEO problem, please share with me, I will try to solve that…


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      It doesn’t matter what other pelpoe think. I have a 1/4 carat diamond with two smaller diamonds on the side. I work with my hands and don’t want to risk my ring getting caught on something causing the stones to fall out. I made it clear to my fiance that I don’t like large diamonds/stone rings.I have to admit that since I became engaged I tend to notice other women rings’. I guess more out of curiosity and wondering why they choose to risk damaging such a precious item if it gets caught on something. I’m grateful for the few pieces of fine jewelry that I have and nothing will be able to replace the sentimental value they hold, small diamonds or not.