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How to Buy Diamond Engagement Ring

When you feel it is the right time to propose to the love of your life and you step out to shop for the best diamond engagement ring for her, you need to take care of certain tips, which can result in the best ring for her. Additionally, planning in advance and being a little thoughtful, you can do it without breaking your bank.

Without further ado, we will share with you tips about how to buy a perfect diamond engagement ring for her:

1) Set Your Budget:

We know that it is a ring for lifetime and she is going to wear it every single day of her life, we also know that it carries million feelings and love; but it is not a good idea to invest all your savings on one thing. According to a popular habit, salary of three months is enough to buy a reasonably good diamond engagement ring. Still, if you feel to spend more, break your savings but don’t forget to leave a fair amount for future as well.


2) Shortlist Ring Type and Metal:

Before going out for shopping, just sit back and shortlist that which type of diamond rings is best to propose her. Whether she will like a solitaire ring, a three stone ring or a cluster ring and so on. Also, think about the metal type if a yellow gold ring will please her or white metals like platinum or white gold will suit her the best. Studying and short listing these will save your time and also save you from unnecessary confusion.


3) Color:

Gone are the days when just white diamond was the foremost choice for engagement rings; with changing time and trends, girls like to flaunt their colored diamond engagement ring. If your girl is a white diamond fan, then you can sit back and relax, but in case she loves the natural hues in diamonds, please study it in detail and pick the diamond color according to her taste; after all she will wear it all life.


4) Decide Your Shopping Style:

There is absolutely no need to hunt for your ring both in online world and traditional brick and mortar shops. Just decide on one of these. If you like the traditional way and feel like going out and visiting various shops and then finalizing the special ring, it is completely up to you. Better way will be to sit back at the ease of your home, visit most popular and genuine online jewelry websites like www.goldnstone.com and pick your ring. This will not only save your time and energy but also let you easily compare the rates of various websites and choose from the best one.


We hope that above handy tips, go a long way in helping you pick the best diamond engagement ring for her. Happy Shopping!

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